Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a big fan of music. Rock bands, most especially. Perhaps this fanaticism grew out of my greatest frustration which is - tadaaaaaaaaaaaaann!! - to be a band singer. Music never fails to entertain me. It is the breath of life. I wonder who can live without it.

Here are some of the music videos I love to view every now and then. Unlike me, most of them are old. (Insert sound of canned laughter here.) Some are new. I realized that these songs are more fun being listened to
and watched at the same time. Not all of them are my favorite bands and singers (I find it hard choosing my ultimate favorite) but in some point in time, in my busy and crazy life - patient's and ward calls here there and everywhere - I was able to relate to these songs, they caught my attention, and made me say, "Hey, this is cool!"

In random order, I present them to you. Enjoy.
1. Loveteam by Itchyworms. Can you feel the desperation of one who is caught in the middle of reality and of whatever?
"Sana'y magkasingkulay ang drama at tunay na buhay ko..Kapag may tao ay nilalambing mo ko/ Pero pag wala ay sumasama/ Turing mo sa akin ay parang hangin" (Ouch!)

2. Sunday Driving by Rivermaya is so good to the ears and soothing to the nerves. If you listen, closely it's really a nice lovesong. So aside from its rhythm, its lyrics (like most songs I love) swept me off my feet. This video was ranked as on of the top 100 music videos of all time in a poll I read somewhere. This song was with me when I was alone nursing a wounded heart. And it is still with me now that my heart is whole again, since my "you" returned two years ago.
"Driving on a Sunday.../ I think about you as the/ Sun blinks between the trees/ Warm tender gentle breeze/ I try to memorize the feeling if you can/ See, the world that I see/ Hear, the beating of my heart/ Feel, the flame that grips me/ Would you believe in us?/ Would you believe in us?"

" The wind's whispering your name/ It's slow driving me insane, my shelter/ I daydream your hand in mine like/ Sweet little melodies/ I embrace the memories until you return/ Into these arms you once called home/ And see, the world that I see...

3. How would you feel if you are separated from your special someone and you are away from her/him as far as the moon? Kamusta ka by Blue Ketchup is a remake of Rey Valera's original. Nothing is really new with the vocals. You'll feel like hallucinating - hearing Rey Valera's singing voice - while listening to this remake but the video shows the kinder side of missing someone. Now what do I exactly mean by that? You'd be thankful that at least not one of you is exiled in a heavenly body somewhere in the intergalactic region.
"Kay tagal din nating 'di nagkita ako'y nasasabik na sa'yo/ Kamusta ka na, nalulungkot ka rin ba?/ Sana ay kapiling kita... Tandaan mo na lang ang sasabihin ko sa'yo/ Ang pag-ibig kong ito'y 'di magbabago"

4. Everyone wants to her to be their girlfriend or girl friend. But aside from the palpable star quality that this singer has, and the playful and foxy rhythm of this song, KC Concepcion's Imposible makes it on my list because this song was written and composed by my kababata, Jude Thaddeus Gitamondoc. Who would ever think of what great things lie ahead for all of us who hail from a sleepy town in Mindanao. Hey, Jude, I'm proud of you, dude! Turns out though, that for Jude and for all of us who wish to go after our dreams, nothing is impossible. But let me save that for another blog.
"'Eto ka na naman/ Walang alam, walang pakialam/ 'Di mo ba nakikita/ sa 'king mga mata/ Hindi ako nasasaktan/ Hindi kita kinakailangan/ Hindi ako nagdaramdam/ Pag-ibig mo'y limot ko na/ Hindi kita naaalala/ Hindi ako aasa pa/ Imposible...!"

5.> I get myself another helping of Rivermaya with Balisong .
For your "You" and mine too. Of course.
"You mesmerize me with diamond eyes/ I try to fool myself to think I'd be alright/ But I am losing all control/ My mind, my heart, my body, and my soul/ Never in my life have I been more sure/ So come on up to me and close the door/ Nobody ever made me feel this way before/ You're everything I wanted..and more"

6. When one's biological clock is ticking, one wants to run away from this reality - fast! Either you grab a boy or grab a girl in four minutes, or you play deaf to that teasing sound. Whatever you decide to do, Mojofly's Tumatakbo plays it light. Then you realize, time is indeed running veeery fast.

This music video also made it to that top 100 music videos of all time. Now let me scan through the ruble of magazines in our quarters to look for that feature article.

"Laging bigo/ Laging sawi sa pag-ibig/ Minamalas O kay sakit/ May balat nga ba ako sa pwet/ Mabuti pa ang tindera sa aming kanto/ Nakakainggit T.L., ang sweet nila ng kanyang nobyo.../ Tumatakbo ang oras.../ Di na nagbago'ng bawat araw/ Pare-parehong parang kahapon"

7. I vividly remembered staying up late at night just to see the making of the music video of this song. That was when I was younger when "Wala pa nung Myx, wala pa nung MTV" - to borrow Raymund Marasigan's words in Betamax. In the making of that video, they let the girl stand on a platform which some of the crew rotated using their hands, on that part where the persona relates how his dance partner died. One more time, let's dance to
Ang Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads.
"Ngunit ang paborito/ Ay ang pagsayaw mo ng El Bimbo/ Nakakaindak, nakakaaliw/ Nakakatinding balahibo" {"Whew!")

That is as far as I can fill the the list as of now. More soon, when another music video, makes me really stop and follow it through from beginning to end.


  1. was anticipating to see "PAGLISAN" in your list, hahaha!!! ma-associate gyud ta ka ana nga song Docshing...hehehe...ay, ing-ani na lang: kantaha na sa videoke, ipa-video, tapos, i-post sa youtube. tapos, i-apil dayon diri sa imo list! hehehe...si ricardo naa na sa youtube (search rajaharim02), pati si candia (it might be you bongots)... :)

  2. hello ron!

    yup i like that song but i associate with more with the death of Flor Contemplacion. We were in 3rd year then and it was an exam day. Kahinumdum ko cge na i-play sa mga talk shows kadtong time sa iya death in Singapore. May her soul rest in peace.


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