Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Struggling to read

Reading has been a struggle for me lately. Could this be because I was drowned in a sea of books since I learned how to read? I am not really sure.

When I first discovered the wonders of reading, I was introduced to a whole new world which was waiting for me to be explored. Delighted would be too subtle a word to describe what I felt each time I visited the library after class. I felt like I wanted to read all the books on the shelves but at the same time I was lost on which one to read first. (Ratol! - LOL!)

And now, this struggle. I don't know why and how this happened. Could this be because of medical school which offers its students an ocean of books to read? 'twas really like trying to drink water from a broken fire hydrant. Read today, examination tomorrow. Read today, examination tomorrow. That was mostly the cycle that we had to follow. But the medical school theory will remain just that - a theory.

I would like to think of this struggle as a temporary honeymoon phase with uhmm, I really do not know what, even. It's a struggle because the desire to read is still there. It is still there. I know and I can feel that because I still find myself wandering in bookstores and staying there for hours trying to get a free load of the books and magazines.

Right now, I am trying to read John Grisham's The Street Lawyer. I got it from a thrift store in Alabama. I am stuck on page 200-something. I put it down around 3 weeks ago, I think. First, it functioned as a sedative for me, putting me to sleep while travelling at sea. Then, for a while now, it has become the forgotten firm bottom of my backpack, but still, I found myself wanting to buy one of Joyce Meyer's books when I dropped by at Power Books at SM last week to accompany a friend who was shopping for a suit. It was good that during that moment, I was able to stop myself from buying another book and adding to my pile of unread books. It was good that I was able to set a condition for myself then that I should finish reading this first before I buy another one. Its plot is not boring at all, there's nothing wrong with the book. It's just the reader who has issues, with reading for that matter. But this struggle will pass I know. I shall finish this book this month so that I could finally grab that book by Joyce Meyer which I have been wanting to have. I have to finish reading this Grisham book first or else allow myself to drown in this struggle. And that is something I will not permit to happen.

(Last book I read was Alligator John D: My Testimony. I read it last September and it only took me one day to finish it. My drive and motivation to read it - it is my uncle's autobiography :-)

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