Monday, February 9, 2009

The cat chronicles

I knew she was hungry. I could see it through her eyes. So I made a bargain with this snobbish one, that she pose for my camera, and in exchange, I'll fill her plate with cat food. Let's call her Prima.

I believe that that coquettish look is actually hunger pangs on the works. Look at her left paw. It shows that she's about to purr and beg for dinner! I see an opportunity here. Just the perfect timing I've been waiting for.

Me: Hey, can I take your picture? I promise to serve you your dinner right after you pose for me.

Prima: Uh-oh! Not again. (Who's this human by the way? She looks familiar though.)

Me: Please, please, please.

She obliges but not gladly. Those cruel eyes say it. She's just forced to do this for dinner.

Me: Oh can we do that again? Uhmm, I think I can do better. Can you move to your right, please? I promise, dinner time's coming up right after this.

Prima: Okey, okey..

Me: Wow, that's great! Why don't we try another pose?

Prima: Enough! Where's the cat food that you promised?! I'm not making any more poses. I want my dinner, dinner, dinner! And I don't care if your camera does not focus well this time.

Me: Snob. (Goes to the storage room to get some cat food.)

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