Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy Money: PTC Sites (Second of Two Parts)

Let us continue our lesson on PTC Sites. Definitely, we are all in this together as students, learning our way through the tricks of this trade.

Below are the PTC site banners that you have to click in order to register and be a part of this clicking addiction. Just so you would know, these are the first few sites that I have signed up. There are a million sites out there that will try to lure you to sign up, but I have chosen to sign up to the PTCs below first because they have released proof of payments to a number of clickers. That is important for us who are still new to this venture to be assured that compensation is indeed given for the time we will be investing while we click.

It's easy to register into this PTC site. As it goes with most PTC sites, all you need is to fill in some personal information (e.g. name, password, e-mail addresses) and then you're done and ready to click. Some would send you an activation e-mail which contains a code for you to click before you can log in to the site.

Once you are successfully logged in to, you click the view ads icon then you start clicking the first ad or link.

Remember that you can only click and view one ad at a time. It is prohibited in PTC sites (at least in a one PTC site) to view two ads from that site at the same time.

Once you click on the add, another window opens with the logo on top. Observe that a 30-second timer appears on the upper left hand. Once that timer hits zero, a check sign appears along with a message that your visit was validated. Be sure to wait for this check sign and this message to appear to ensure that you earn bread for your visit. Once you are prompted that your visit is credited, you may close that window (or choose to explore the site further) and go to the roudycash site to click the next ad or link.

Once you have signed up and are successfully logged in, you can click on the browse ads button on the upper left portion. Click the first ad that appears then a red button pops. Click it then the ad itself opens on a new window. There is a bar on the left that turns green once you have completed the required time to view. A message then appears that your account has been updated with that visit. Off you go to the next ad to click.


Still no sweat on signing up to this site. The ads to click have a clock icon beside them that is colored blue if you haven't clicked on the add for that day. The clock turns to gray once you have finished clicking that link or ad.

As with most PTC sites, it has a 30-second countdown timer on the left upper portion of the ad.


Still no sweat on this one. What's nice about this site is that it gives a sign-in bonus of $0.50. Ara-Bux however requires a $10.00 minimum cash pay outs. That means you have to earn that amount in clicks before you will be able to request payment. MixBux only requires $3.oo minimim pay out, while RoudyCash requires $2.00 for the first payment, $5.oo on the second, and $10.00 from the third payment and onwards.

Once your done clicking the ads, the ads are striked out so you have to wait another day to click them again and earn again.

In this site one click is pegged at $0.005. Minimum cash out is only $2.oo. This site is quite unique in the sense that once the 30 seconds to view the ad is up, a 2 to 4 digit number will appear and you have to click the number indicated by the command that appears too.

It's the same as MixBux with the clock that turns gray once you have clicked that particular ad on that day. The timer is on the right upper side and once it reaches zero a green pop-up pops up(!) telling you that your visit is credited. The site reminds you that you have to wait for this green message to appear for your advertisement credit to be issued. You need at least $3.00 for cash pay-outs.

NG Bux

This site has the same click-the-number game that PerformanceBux has. Not so tricky after all,eh. No minimum amount required for the first three pay-outs.

Still fairly easy to sign-up on
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start clicking! For more info-blogs very soon.

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