Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy Money (First of Two Parts)

There's a new craze right now. It's not about the coolest clothing to wear these days. It's not about the fresh just-out-of-the-oven gadget. It's about earning money. So you have to read on.

Just when I was talking about instant money and ranting about my craving for instant coffee, I was led into this blog which talked about earning money in seconds. Instant money indeed. I'm talking about the Paid To Click (PTC) business which has been famous on the internet of late. My sister has been prodding me to post a blog about this, thus this entry. She just got herself addicted to clicking adds and so did I. This business is really an interesting way to earn money, all you need is a cup of patience and just a few seconds of your precious time.

What it's all about. It's all about clicking ads and viewing them for at least 30 seconds, then after that time is up, your visit is credited to your account. You earn in dollars. Mostly, the PTC sites give you one cent for every validated click. That may seem cheap but if you register to a lot of PTC sites, you have a lot of one cent growing by the day. There is no limit to the number of PTC sites to which you can register and registration is free. Each site will give you at least 5 ads to click. Some would give you 16 links to click. You have to click the ads or the links once a day. So if you have at least five ads to click everyday in at least ten PTC sites, how much would you be earning everyday? Do the math. At least you do something more aside from checking your mail once you sit on your computer chair.

Who's qualified to sign-up. Anybody who's 18 years old and above and has an e-mail address can sign-up to any PTC site. It would be better if you have your own laptop or computer with a reliable internet connection. This business would be the perfect answer to your dream of just working in the comforts of your home, with no boss to answer to. You are your own boss, and you manage your own time.

Getting started. Now that you've gone this far reading this blog, it's time to start the pin rolling. First, you have to set-up your payment processors. The sites would pay you through these payment processors namely, PayPal and Alert Pal. Registration is free. Now click the link below and let's get you trodding on your road to earning easy money.

Sign up for a Personal Pro Account with AlertPay. AlertPay will ask you to be verified. It means that you have to submit some papers to add more credibility to your identity however you can do that later. It's more important to sign-up for a free account now.

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Same goes for PayPal. Open a Personal Account. Skip the part which asks for information about your credit card if you don't have one.

Now that you have finished setting up your payment processors. You can sign up now to the following PTC sites (click here) and let's get you clicking, baby!

I'll be posting more info-blogs after this entry. (Answers to questions that are probably starting to pop in your mind right at this very moment.) But while I start to compose that entry, as for now, enjoy clicking!

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