Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My upcoming debut album

No, no, no, no. If you are thinking what I am thinking right now, it is definitely not what's going on. I am not having a career shift at this early point of my life. I'm just feeding one of my deepest frustrations and one of my elusive dreams.

I'm sorry if I tricked you into reading this entry (Bwahahaha!) but lately the band singer in my dreams has been giving me nightmares and has been trying to damage my ears with an eardrum-popping metallic overload. This recurrence started when I read on one of my friends' blogs about a fellow kababayan who is living my dream of being a band singer. I could not be proud enough of her. She is just so amazing.

So I thought, maybe I could, in this blog of mine, in this little world I call mine, post something for the consideration of, well, whoever may want to consider it. It's like me joining a beauty pageant (I am definitely aware that I am the most unlikely candidate for a pageant but I could not think of any contest which would give this scenario) and being asked, "If you had the chance to record a music album, what songs will you sing, and why?" What a question indeed. Of course, that would be after the routine chit-chat of:

Male Host in tuxedo: Are you nervous right now?

Me, the blushing candidate, with a pa-demure smile or else I would show off my big two front teeth: Hmmm, a little. (Then I would have to shrug my shoulders a little bit while I say that to add some pa-cute effect. Well, for whatever it's worth.)

Then so goes the final question. (Yes, that was the final question. We've had enough of questions which could answer themselves "World peace.")

Then I, the nervous candidate would say, "Can you repeat the question, please?"

Then the audience would buzz.

Anyway, these would be my dream upcoming debut album. And what fun it would be, that even in my dreams, I coerce my friends to help me on this one. Everybody is welcome to suggest and help me build my figurative sand castle in the air which, in this case is a music album. I guess this would be a lot of fun.

Warning: This is quite an ambitious album. I advise you to take a deep breath before you continue reading. Unless you badly need to doze into a coma, please prepare a glass of water at hands reach, in case taking a series of deep breaths would not suffice.

1. Mary Jane Shoes by Fergie

Let me try my luck in reggae this time as Fergie does. This song is cute, a feel-good at the start, opening real slow, then almost going berserk in the middle as if the singer is having an episode of tonic-clonic seizure, then she recovers before the song ends. Whew! It gives you just the right dose of adrenaline rush.

2. My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow

This song is for my, yes you guessed it, (insert drumroll here), my favorite mistake. I hope this whole album does not turn out to be one. Seriously, I simply love Sheryl Crow. And I dream to be the Sheryl Crow of the Philippines and add to our nation's versions of almost every celebrity or icon in the world - Elvis Presley of the Philippines, Mariah Carey of the Philippines, Karen Carpenter of the Philippines, Angelina Jolie of the Philippines, etc. Name it, we have it!

3. You Make Me Feel Brand New by Simply Red

Kakaiba ang birit ng singer nito. He shifts from one octave to another like he is just eating chichiria. I even thought it was a duet! I would love to do an acoustic version of this one.

4. Your Song by Elton John

I lost my musical virginity to this song. Before I shock the traditionalists, and before your imagination wanders, (Oh, please..!) I actually mean that this song awakened my musical awareness, my inclination to music. I like this original version better than Ewan McGregor's in Moulin Rouge. I found that one sensationalized in the accompaniments department although that was musically crafted for the movie, and appropriately at that.

Elton John's version, although almost bare in the musicals, actually conveys the essence of the whole song itself. Like a person stripped naked in front of you. So real, with no pretensions and just yours for the taking. "I don't have much money.. - I can so relate to that.. - I'd buy a big house where we both could live"

5. Yellow by Coldplay

I was happy that these guys grabbed a Grammy this year, although that was for another album. Though Chris Martin is usually criticized for the habit he has formed of rhyming his lyrics, he continues to be one of my favorites. The words just pierce through you - Your skin/ Oh yeah your skin and bones/ Turn into something beautiful/ And you know/ For you I'd bleed myself dry/ For you I'd bleed myself dry..

6. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

For those who inspired me, loved me as I am, and lifted me up in so many ways - my family, my friends, this one's for you.

7. Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow

I told you I'm serious about becoming the Sheryl Crow of the Philippines. This one's for Girl Power! Another acoustic shot on this one. I was thinking of Sweet Child of Mine but I might have to save that for another album.

8. Realize by Colbie Caillat

I tell you my version would be better. But I still have to figure out how I'm going to do that though. This song is special to me as equally as it is important.

9. Warwick Avenue by Duffy

I was counting on this young lady to bring home a Grammy Award. She's an able singer with a classic voice. Simply gifted. I see the makings of a probable Jewel. I mean the singer, but the gem would do too.

This song is about breaking up. It is brutally honest and frank, giving you no other choice but to head for the door. The vocals and musical arrangement effectively masks the sad message of the song. It feels like being a diabetic having neuropathic pain - you don't really feel the pain of having a nail sticking on your foot, going through your rubber shoes and your socks. Until everything sinks in.

10. Kiss from A Rose by Seal

One of the greatest love songs of all time. Need I say more?

11. Miracle Drug by U2

12. Melt With You by Jason Mraz


They say that it doesn't cost a thing to dream. So I dream big. As long as I am sure, it would not empty my pockets. Nudge me a little later from now, maybe after five minutes, so I could wake up. Who knows, a voice class is waiting for me somewhere. Talking about crossing over between fantasy and reality. (LOL!)

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