Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Danao, Bohol Caving Adventure

It was my first time to go caving. We decided to explore the Ka Mira Cave. This caving activity is still a part of the whole Danao Adventure.

The Ka Mira Cave is one of the caves where Dagohoy hid from the Spaniards who were after him. He was the last Filipino hero to give up his revolt against the colonizers. It may not have been easy at all for Dagohoy that time - not exactly an adventure for all of us at present - as he went climbing the cave walls, crawling through its floors, and wading through its murky waters. We got a little taste of what he went through that time but for us, what actually prevailed even after we got out of the cave was the fact that this caving rendezvous was a real treat for beginners like me.

Our guide was trying to orient us before we start our activity - with the emphasis on trying.

Another pose for the camera before we go caaaaaavin'!

We had to go downhill to reach the mouth of the cave.

Yes, we were going downhill but I wanted my picture taken so I had to turn around. :-)

That's the mouth of the cave right there. No, no, no, it's not just a simple pathway wherein you just walk into and get inside the cave easily. See that T-shaped twine? You cling on to that so you can climb and enter the mouth of the cave which is just beside that twine particularly on the right side. Is that beginning to sound fun?

We climbed, we crawled, and we got wet.

The curtain formation.

This was at the dead end of the cave before we head back to its mouth. At this time, the guide asked us to turn all our headlights off so we could see for ourselves how dark it was inside the cave. And guess what, it was the darkest dark I have ever seen. It was the kind of darkness that didn't quite have a hint that there was something called light.

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