Saturday, May 23, 2009

Filename: Surprises

I'm sure everyone is into the downloading frenzy these days. I particularly mean those who are curious and interested to take a peek of the much talked-about sex video scandals of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili. Those who are not computer techies may also be scouting for the DVDs in their favorite pirated DVD outlets at the bangketas. The video had probably reached blockbuster status in just one week, selling like hot pancakes, or in Pinoy streetsmart scene, selling fast like your favorite tempura, kwek-kwek, fishball, adidas, betamax, etc., and maybe selling even faster than you can say Hayden Kho.

After Aling Dionisia, Katrina Halili is all around television, crying, telling everybody that she did not have the slightest idea their sexual escapade was recorded on video by her erstwhile lover. She says she will do what she can to strip the doctor of his medical license and that she is doing all that she is doing now to protect all other women who are the doctor's victims.

Though I want to sympathize with Katrina, sadly, I could not seem to. I do not hate her. I do not pity her. I just don't feel anything for her. I am merely an apathetic onlooker. She knew what she was playing with when she entered into a liason with Hayden Kho. She was playing with fire and thought she wouldn't get burned but she is - she is burning big time. No matter how she licks her burns now, it'll keep on hurting because the fire - this time, the repercussions of all her decisions - are getting back at her.

Surprisingly, a senator comes to her rescue. Senator Bong Revilla, the most unlikely character to be Katrina's night in shining armor, made a privilege speech about the scandal, calling Kho a maniac, among all other things. Yup Stella, you're right, this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe the senator should also be warned that when you are pointing your finger on somebody, dont forget that the other four fingers are pointing back at you.


Another surprise that shook the entire world is the results of this season's American Idol. Everybody was counting on Adam Lambert to win. This is the AI season that I have watched most intently and I could tell that even from the start, Lambert was a favorite and the judges were really rooting for him to win. It was almost a giveaway.

But even Kris Allen could not believe it when Ryan Seacrest announced that he is the new American Idol. It was like looking at a male Sushmita Sen minus the cupped hands covering the mouth. In front of the television, I could not be happier.

I was rooting for Allen. Yes, Lambert could sing. There is no question to that. He's got great pipes and has a undeniable commanding presence once he is on stage, as he was backed up by a lot of experience on the theater stage. However the viewing public could only love him to a certain point, I guess. I got tired of his screams and as the season was nearing to it's end, Lambert's style became more and more predictable. You will know what he'll do when he steps on the stage - scream.

Allen on the other hand grew in terms of confidence and style as the season progressed. For others, most of his performances might be forgettable but he was a breath of fresh air from a suffocation of screams and sometimes mere theatrics. I particularly loved his arrangement of Kanye West's Heartless and his acoustic rendition of Bill Wither's hit, Ain't No Sunshine.

Die-hard Lambert fans are sulking and a lot of theories are emerging which are trying to explain Kris Allen's win. There's the Gokey Factor, the Christian Vote, the votes of the liberated states versus the conservative ones, and many others. However the votes had been cast and Allen was already crowned the new Idol. Getting the crown does not really give an Idol a sure shot at a very good career and not winning it means the loser is at the pits so let's wait and see who get's a sure shot in the real world out there waiting for these two new artists and even those who made it to the Top 13. Who know's we may be in for another surprise and a lot more.

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  1. KATRINA HALILI: You are a pok-pok! Ipokrita ka. Nagmamalinis ka pang puta ka. Wag mong sabihing binaboy ka ni Doctor quck quack Hayden Kho, dahil dati ka nang BABOY!!! Hindi ka biktima, perpetrator ka din ng kalaswahan, kaya you deserve this embarassment. Sino kang pumapatol sa lalakeng may ibang ka-relasyon. Don't play dumb on us. You deserve to fade into obscurity as a worthless has been. Akala mo sisikat ka pa after this? Nagkakamali ka. Malalaos ka na impaktita!

    HAYDEN KHO: Your days of playing doctor are OVER. You are nothing but a trying hard wannabe spoiled brat who wants to play doctor, who happens to have wealthy parents to put you through med school (at natsambahan mong pumasa ha! ang galing mo din magkunwari ano?) but who ultimately just wants the kicks of being called a "doctor" and the high regard society accords doctors. You don't give a fuck (no pun intended) about patient care, ethics, and all that crap you "learned" from med school; SHAME ON YOU BASTARD. Heto na ang pinapangarap mong pagsikat ng pangalan mo... sumikat ka for all the wrong reasons. Pacele-celebrity ka pang nalalaman, puros kahihiyan lang ang binigay mo sa mga magulang mo. Magsama kayo ng mga balahura mong pokpok, magka-premature impotence ka sana hayop ka.

    LOLIT SOLIS: Punyeta kang tomboy ka. Asal squatter ka talaga. Ang kapal kapal ng mukha mo. Hindi pa nalilimutan ng sambayanan ang kahihiyang binigay mo sa Pilipinas nung ikaw yung nagpasimuno ng film fest scam nung 1993. Ang lakas ng apog mong iharap yang pagmumukha mo sa TV, wala ka namang matinong naidudulot sa mundo. Lahat na lang ng sinasabi mo at sinusulat mo puros kasinungalingan (Lolit:"Nakita ng dalawang mata ko si Sam Milby at Piolo sa pool ng Sofitel!!!" - GAGA KA SINUNGALING!!!). Guaranteed na ang slot mo sa impyerno demonya ka. Ikaw ang isa sa mga dahilan para ikahiya ng mga Pilipino ang kapwa Pilipino niya. I don;t know how you still get to sleep at night. Your entire life is a sham you pathetic lowlife!

    BONG REVILLA - you don't belong in the senate. PERIOD. Napaka-superficial ng mga pinapatulan mong controversies and issues. Seriously, are you really after the welfare of women in this country? I doubt that given your own personal background on women. Aren't you better off at drafting resolutions and laws that would help ensure the progress of our country? Bakit sa mga ganitong kaso mo inaaksaya ang pera ng bayan? You are by no means a qualified arbiter of issues concerning morality, when you yourself take advantage of other women within the sacred confines of your own marriage to Lani Mercado. Alam ng lahat ng tao na may anak ka sa labas. Wag kang mag-malinis. Alam namin publicity stunt mo lang din ito para sa susunod, 'pag tumakbo ka sa eleksyon may publicity mileage ka na naman. Hindi kami tanga senator. Ikaw ang TANGA!

    SIge, pagpyestahan niyo pa 'til the end ang moro-morong ito.

    IRENE KHO (Hayden's Mom): "Hindi na ko magsasalita...(then babbles on and on and on without reaching any coherent point for 10 minutes)... Hindi na ko magsasalita" - HAAAY mommy! Please lang, yung patutsada mo sa TV Patrol against Lolit, Katrina and Senator Bong kaya mo namang sabihin in a few words. (I would have suggested the expose: Katrina pushed Hayden into drugs, Lolit Solis is the architect and sriptwriter of this scandal and Senator Bong was an accomplice. That would have briefly encompassed the entire expose don't you agree?) Sige na nga, we understand your predicament. Ipagdadasal ka namin bilang isang ina ng isang suwail na anak.


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