Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a pleasant surprise!

I just came home from a Sunday dinner with my friend and fellow doctor-blogger Florence, when I decided to open my blog. When I checked out my chatbox, I was surprised when I got a message that my blog has just been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Awards!

Now I thought, this nomination culminated the great Sunday evening I had with Florence. Being nominated for the award is a heart-warming recognition that means so much to a blogger like me. I have only decided to write again late last year and since I have have been putting aside my love for writing on a shelf for quite a time, trying to start to write again seemed like trying to start a car engine which was never cranked up for a long time. Award-giving bodies like this one pour the right amount of oil needed to keep the engine running again as if it was never set aside in a forgotten corner at all.

I would like to extend my gratitude to The Composed Gentleman who spearheads this activity of recognizing Pinoy bloggers all over the world, and a lot of thanks also to the one who nominated my blog.

For those who want to vote for my blog, click this and you will be led to The Composed Gentleman's blog where the poll is on the right side of the page. Just scroll down the navigation bar and you'll find the Filipino Blog Awards Section where the list of nominated blogs are listed. My blog, When the pin drops, is the tenth nominee. Place a check mark beside it then click the vote button. Please keep clicking everyday this week to cast a vote for my blog. Hopefully, one click a day would help propel this doctor's blog on its way - to the top. Wow, blogging is now beginning to be even more fun!

For all your votes and continued patronage, thanks very much!


  1. congratulations on the nomination doc! :) just discovered your blog... :)

  2. ey shing! let's join the blog rounds?...

  3. ligaya, hello! thank you :-) thanks for dropping by too.. do drop by again soon when you can.. i just discovered your blogs (as in blogssssssss gyud ha kay super daghan, ehhhehe) too through doctor watin's blog, which led met to nut's and brian's blogs too :-)

    gay, nahan mi mangapil ni watin sa blog rounds :-)

  4. wats, cge join ta!!! i'm game :-) daghan na dayon nagdagan sa ako mind karon if i host it :-) go go go wats! this is it! :-)


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