Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hindi ako papayag

The people behind the Register and Vote Movement need at least a whooping Php. 2.0 million to air this ad on television. Let's help raise awareness by spreading this ad on the internet while they are cramming up for funds.

This video wants to convey an urgently important message to all of us Filipinos. Let us be aware of what our government leaders are up to again and let us not be distracted by issues such as sex scandals. While the sex scandal brouhaha was hot in the media, your elected leaders were working on a ploy to extend their stay in power and have more time to dip their hands into whatever is left of the country's coffers.

Certainly, I would not want to wake up to a country where it's people's confidence and nationalism are in tatters. Definitely, I do not want this country to be thrown to the dogs.

Hindi ako papayag.

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for supporting our cause! For those who want more information about the group and the people behind this campaign, visit www.register-and-vote.com.

    For those who want to send us their own "Di Ako Papayag" videos, photos, and designs, please email info@register-and-vote.com.

    Thanks! Let's keep posted!

    ~ Nina Terol
    Register & Vote campaign secretariat


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