Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fashion Photography Show and A Car Show All in One Day

October 10, 2010.  I was actually on my way to SM City Cebu to take pictures of the Car Show.  I decided to pass by Ayala Center since there was an available PUJ route there going to SM.

          Upon arriving at Ayala, I was surprised to see a lot of people in costumes.  I was more than delighted to find out that there was a Fashion Photography Show going on.  So while my friend B decided to have a quick shopping for some beauty accessories, I decided to join the bunch of shutter happy people and I clicked and clicked away like there was no tomorrow.

MYSTERIOUS GIRL.  In a crowd of costume players, this girl caught my eye.  Until now, as I stare at her pictures, I still feel it.  I know it - that there is something about her.  If you find her, please do tell me, because I and my friends are dying to have a photoshoot with her.


Aside from my mysterious girl, here are some of the other costume players. 


Here's another model I love.  All of the players were happy to pose for the cameras.  This model was very friendly and pretty accommodating like Mysterious Girl. (Yes, I haven't gotten over that girl yet.  Probably, I never will unless I have another photoshoot with her. )

I love the way she/he projects. She/He has the makings of a model.  And I have to admit, she/he has the makings of a model, like Mysterious Girl.

I gave this model and my mysterious girl the link to this blog.  I hope they don't forget my blog's address.  I hope they will find these.  So I could find them.  

I wish I got their number.  I feel like the man in Script's Man Who Can't Be Moved, hoping to find this model and Mysterious Girl, but not really knowing how to, or where to start.  I hope they find their way to my blog.  

The Car Show was an added bonus to the shutter addict in me, after satisfying my shooter instincts at the Fashion Photography Show.  Enjoy the rest of the photos.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After a long lay-off, I have finally embraced my love for photography.  Again.

I bought myself my dream DSLR camera, and a week after, went on a shooting rampage with two good friends whom I call my Shutter Buddies.  (We are on Facebook by the way.  Please feel free to visit and like our page, and leave your comments, too.)

Our first photoshoot was held last September 28.  My group actually just requested the couple that we join their official photographer during their pre-nuptial shoot.  Here are some of my shots.  This pre-nuptial shoot had marked my reunion with my love for photography and I don't see any hint that I will ever be separated from this love again.

Raymond and Kae



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Storks and Pink Flamingoes

Last March, it was so nice of my aunt to tour her sister - that's my mom - and me at The Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

This is one of my most memorable experiences while I was in the United States. 

There are four theme parks at The Walt Disney World in Florida, namely The EPCOT Center, The MGM Studios, The Animal Kingdom, and The Magic Kingdom. 

One whole day, most of the time, is not enough to enjoy all the activities and to explore all the attractions of a certain Disney Theme park. Probaby, it's more like you really don't recover from a certain state of excitement when you are inside a Walt Disney Theme Park.  Of course, aside from the very fact that it's Walt Disney! 

 As a child, I have always been mesmerized by Disney stuff, I have heard of the existence of Disney Theme Parks and wished I could be there, and never did I expect it to become a reality.

The parks usually open at 9am and close at 5pm and that is the actual time you spend inside the park to enjoy the rides, the shows, and the sights.  As much as possible, you want to try everything in the park from the food to the rides and the shows.  You want to explore its sights as far as where your feet will lead you, and as far as where your feet will yell "Stop!" because they are aching like hell.

I realized that being inside a Walt Disney Theme Parks is like experiencing snow for the first time.  I felt like a child again.  I let go of being an adult and enjoyed.  Even my mom did.  Who would ever think that a poor child, the youngest in a brood of eight, who probably never knew about the existence of anything that is related to Walt Disney,  and who used to sell bundles of kangkong when she was in her elementary years, would come to America not to work but to simply enjoy the American life.  Imagine what exhilaration that must be for my beloved mother.

No one is ever too old or too young to enjoy The Walt Disney World.

At the end of the day, we, tourists aging from 2 to 95 years old, exited the gates tired and exhausted but brimming with satisfaction.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Anyway, we visited the EPCOT Center first, and then the Animal Kingdom.  We spent one whole day in each theme park.  (I would like to think that we reserved the other two theme parks for a future return trip to the Sunshine State. LOL!)

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  I have shared some of my photos at EPCOT in my previous posts.  (Click here to see some of the pictures.)  This time I am sharing to you some of my pictures in The Animal Kingdom.  For animal lovers, and yes, maybe the not-so-animal-lovers, I hope you will enjoy this first serving of Animal Kingdom pictures of storks and flamingoes at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Mother and Me.

NOW TELL ME, HOW DO YOU EXACTLY DO THAT? These shy flamingoes could surely give us some lessons on how to curl our necks that way.  An American White Ibis looks on as the pink flamingoes show off the contortionists that they are.

SEE WHAT TWO B'S (BACTERIA AND BETA CAROTENE) CAN DO. Adult flamingoes will have plumage that range from light pink to bright red due to aqueous bacteria and beta carotene obtained from their food supply.  Here are two pink flamingoes sharing the water and the view with two American White Ibises. 

OOOHHHLALA. A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly coloured and thus a more desirable mate.

CONTEST.  Flamingos often stand on one leg, the other tucked beneath the body. The reason for this behavior is not fully understood. Some suggest that the flamingo, like some other animals, has the ability to have half of its body go into a state of sleep, and when one side is rested, the flamingo will swap legs and then let the other half sleep,[citation needed] but this has not been proven. Recent research has indicated that standing on one leg may allow the birds to conserve more body heat, given that they spend a significant amount of time wading in cold water.  (From Wikipedia) 

FLAMINGOES EVERYHWERE.  A white or pale flamingo, however, is usually unhealthy or malnourished. Captive flamingoes (like these ones) are a notable exception; many turn a pale pink as they are not fed carotene at levels comparable to the wild. This is changing as more zoos begin to add prawns and other supplements to the diets of their flamingos. (From Wikipedia)

Stork the bird, not the candy.

Simple but elegant.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tips in going to medical residency (Part 1)

In the past few months, I have been contemplating to go back to residency training here in Cebu City, after not successfully matching for a residency position in the United States.  

The prevailing question was, "Where in Cebu City?" "Which training hospital?"

Of course, I did not count out Cebu Velez General Hospital as one of my choices, since it is where I did one year of residency in Internal Medicine.  However, what-if questions were flooding my mind big time.  I had to have a back-up plan.  There were three more hospitals to choose from - Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu Doctors' University Hospital, and Perpetual Succour Hospital.

The question of where to train might seem easy to answer but it actually isn't.  The incoming resident, who actually is an incoming slave of the residency training program has to consider a lot of factors, and I can't begin to describe how enormous the considerations are.

Thus, day and night, I was haunted by that question which demanded an immediate answer.  I had to decide so I could move on.  But I was utterly confused.

Then here comes my doting mother, who probably saw and felt how burdened I was.  In the goal of helping her daughter, she gave me an advice, "Sa Cebu Doc na lang, Shing.  Kay one ride ra. (Go for Cebu Doctors', Shing.  Anyway, it's one ride away from where you live.)

I did not react one bit.  But inside my head, I had a wide grin.  My mom is not from the medical field so I found her gesture of advising me as something sweet and heartwarming.  Even if she did not know what she was actually saying.

Location of the training hospital is one of the last things an incoming slave, uhm, resident considers, and probably, he or she will never give it a thought at all.  I mean, once a doctor makes up his mind which city or hospital to train in, the question of commuting to the training hospital comes way down the list.  The mantra is, choose the city or the hospital where you want to train, and you simply look for a pad or a place to stay that is as much as possible, not so distant from that hospital.  My mother happened to consider it the other way around.

Hehehe.  Mothers.  They have their own way.  Her advice might not have served a major (major) point in the decision that I made but surely, she made me smile and made me feel loved as always.  With what she said I knew - though it didn't show -  that deep in her thoughts, she was also grappling for the answer to the ultimate question.  Deep inside, she was sharing my yoke.

This happened a few months ago but each time I recall this scene with my mother, it never fails to make me smile.  Mothers.  They really have their own way.  I love you, Mom.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I just can't believe it.

August is about to say goodbye but this probably will only be the only entry I will be posting.  I can't believe it because the reason behind the silence is actually not because I ran out of topics to write about.  In fact, my mind was and is overflowing with ideas, realizations, and experiences to write about.

Just before August arrived, I successfully squeezed in some alone time so that I could jot down these stuff.  My idea of alone time is having coffee all by myself in a nearby coffee shop, while browsing the internet with Max's help.  Unfortunately I only got successful in the part of squeezing in and the jotting down part just went ppffffffffttt.  What I did then was only drink my coffee and the afternoon away while doing a sort of make-up reading of my favorite sites on the web.  I might have to do better next time.

I just can't believe it.

Two major, major fiascos for our country in two consecutive days.  First, the dreaded hostage drama at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last August 23, and second, the missed hit made by our Miss Universe bet, Venus Raj, the following day.  I don't really want to talk about it and oversaturate the topic.  It has been talked about enough but I admit I am tempted to write about Miss Venus Raj, particularly about her answer during the Q & A Portion in the recently held Miss Universe 2010 Pageant in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I will probably write about that in my future posts.  It amuses me that  because of this real Filipina beauty, it is somehow accepted these days when you say, "Major, major" and not get corrected for saying so.  As I write this entry, the replay of the pageant is actually on television.  I know I will kind of dread the Q & A Portion but well, there is no need denying that we are still happy for Venus' win (which follows Miriam Quiambao's win, eleven years ago), even if a little voice antagonizes this happiness, and says that the Miss Universe 2010 Crown was just within Venus' reach.  Still, there is no denying that we are all proud of this beautiful lady who's got a 22-inch waistline, something which most of us could only dream about in our whole lifetime.

As for the hostage drama which was witnessed by probably three-fourths of the world's population, well, the repercussions are just beginning to manifest.  I was initially furious over that late former police officer who left our lives as Filipinos way miserable than when he was still around.  My anger has simmered down somehow but I am afraid it has not evaporated yet.  It is sad to know that the very venue where the new president of this republic had his inauguration is the very venue where the hostage drama took place.  The venue where dreams just got resuscitated becomes the same venue where these dreams might have to meet their ultimate death. 

On the happier side, I just can't believe it.

I just got back from Dumaguete City to witness the festivities of the the 109th Silliman University Founders' Day.  There were a few mishaps and challenges on my way to Dumaguete and even on my way back to Cebu but I don't mind at all.  When I got down from the fastcraft which ferried us from Cebu Province to the island of Negros Oriental, I had a feeling of coming home.  Really.  With that, I just can't believe that it took me four years before really taking time and making plans to revisit  this neighboring city which for me is a treasure chest of memories.  I will tell you about this trip in my upcoming  posts.  That's a guarantee.

As for now, though things that recently took place seem unbelievable, I just might have to convince myself to just start believing that indeed, they happened.  That's life, anyway.  It never runs out of surprises.  Never.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What doctors and celebrities share in common

This has been inside my head for so long that I need to get it all out.  Like, now.

A text conversation with a college buddy last week finally pulled the trigger.  Like me, she is a doctor now.   We were merely catching up on each other's lives when we reached the topic of 'raket.'  In case you are not from this side of the planet, raket is a Tagalog slang for anything that you earn from.  It could be your present job, it could be a big- or a small-scale business.  In our case, doctors, it could mean where one is going on duty, or the hospital/company where one is currently affiliated with or working in.

My college buddy was asking if I could give her some additional raket while she waits for her stint in Palawan next month.  I jokingly told her what she needs the additional raket for when she's got more than enough. To which she replied, "Mura bya ta'g artista - 'No show, No business'" ('Cause you know, we doctors are like celebrities - No show, no business.)

Then I thought, exactly.  

                                                Photo from www.namaste.doc

Apparently, we share a few more things with celebrities.  The comparison may put you in awe, but please do take note, that while celebrities are busy with the performing arts, we physicians are dealing with life here.

1.  No show, no business.  Doctors do not have bread if referrals or patients stop pouring in, or if we do not go on duty, or skip clinic hours - meaning not spending time to sit at the clinic. Being at the clinic itself is a waiting game all by itself because you simply have to - yes, you got it! - wait if a patient walks in. Pretty much like celebrities who won't earn a buck or two if they do not have any project or booking.

2.  We are judged by appearance. In the third world, doctors occupy a high socio-economic stratum and therefore most people would expect doctors to dress in clothing that is top-of-the-line, don extravagant jewelry, and drive the latest car model. In a way. doctors have to look very good, the way celebrities strive to look good. Like them, we are selling ourselves and we are our own advertisement. In the third world, doctors occupy a high socio-economic stratum, and it follows that people would expect doctors to don top-of-the-line clothing, wear extravagantly blinding jewelry, and drive a flashy car. Doctors have to look very good the way celebrities have to look good. Like celebrities, doctors are selling themselves. Long before doctors open their mouths to explain the patient's condition, the patient or the patient's family already has an impression of the doctor in their midst. This is a reality because somehow, patients trust their doctors and look up to them. Even if a doctor is the best and brightest in his or her specialty, but he or she dresses like a pauper, eyebrows may initially be raised and the doctor may have to wade through the sea of first impressions to prove that he/she is an expert in his field of specialty. 

3.  We are not spared from chismis.  Chismis is the Tagalog slang for rumors. Every celebrity holds a dark secret just like most of us, and doctors are not an exception. No matter how busy it is in the hospital, it would only amaze one to know that the people in it will still have the time to spread and feast on juicy talks about hospital staff, and doctors are not an exception. The interested ones try to dig deeper or peek through the white coats. Interestingly, chismis is quite a hospital culture. It keeps everyone in the hospital awake during unholy duty hours. In fact there are two topics that keep hospital people awake specially during wee hours of the night, when surgeries are performed at the operating room -- chismis and talks about sex. Food is a close second.

4.  We work long hours.  Yes, we do.,  we do.  If celebrities spend nights to shoot a movie or tape a show, finishing only in the morning, we doctors can go on 24-hour duty for ten or fifteen days.  During the evenings of our duty days, we alternately slip into wakefulness and sleep since patients come in such an unpredictable manner.  Others come in early while some would choose to come in after midnight, or at dawn - sometimes for health complaints which bothered them for months.   As we wake up and go back to sleep, we also alternately turn our brains on and off as we wring it to come up with the correct diagnosis for a patient who, let's say, came in for consult at 3 a.m. in the morning.  Sometimes, even sleep is not completely ours to enjoy when we are on duty.  Doctors are probably the lightest sleepers in the world for instantly waking up once the phone rings. 

5.  We are thriving in a dog-eat-dog world.  Well, I guess I need not say more about this.

6.  We gain sponsorships.  An inherent reality in a dog-eat-dog world is to scratch each other's backs.  If celebrities endorse a product which they trust, doctors do that in a way when we prescribe medications.  I think there is nothing wrong with this as long as the doctor believes in the product that he or she is endorsing - that it is the appropriate drug that could cure and control the patient's condition - and is not merely doing it for the perks that come with it. 

7.  Everyone at work has to know our whereabouts almost all the time.   This is for the sake of our patients, and in the case of celebrities for the sake of their fans. fans.

8.  We have to schedule our vacations way ahead of time Doctors would not want to compromise their patients' welfare so we could not just go on a spur-of-the-moment vacations and instantly decide to fly to Timbuktu the following day. 

9.  We strive to sharpen our skills. We keep on moving forward.  Celebrities join workshops to hone their acting skills. Doctors attend conferences to update their knowledge regarding trends and developments in health care. Medicine is an art and at the same time a science that is continuously evolving.

      Taken during one of the conferences in Cebu, that my colleagues and I attended. Those    drinks and desserts we are holding were actually freebies from the display booths - reason enough to make us smile for the photo.

10.  We are not perfect.  Of course, doctors are still humans. Just like celebrities, we trip and fall along the way, but we always try to get up and pick up the pieces, take with us the lessons that life's circumstances have taught us. 

Then I thought, exactly.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Lagi, kita na ko'g "Eclipse'" (Yes, I have seen the movie 'Eclipse')

But I am not going to wirte a movie review about it.

My 'Eclipse' movie experience was decorated with the screams of the audience each time Jacob (Taylor Lautner) flaunted his chiseled physique.

Then there were the muffled comments when Edward (Robert Pattinson) kissed Bella (Kristen Stewart) just before Jacob gave her a big bear hug.

Now who could forget the scene where the three of them spent the night camping.  Bella was tortured by the biting cold.  Jacob came to the rescue, telling Edward to face the truth that he was hotter than him.  Jacob warmed Bella by hugging her, perhaps he was the best human blanket on the face of the earth then. 

But the most unforgettable part for me was not the movie but the side comments I heard from the people sitting near me while watching the movie. 

So hear are the Top 3 Side Comments for the Movie Eclipse, which imprinted on me even as I walked out of the movie theater.

          1.  Jacob just finished kissing Bella, when she asked him to.  Then Bella's face was focused on the screen, then one viewer - who's obviously for Edward and Bella - goes, "Bigaon gyud ai, nagpula lang ang ngabil!"

          2.   After that kiss, Bella approached Edward, in an attempt to explain what just happened, then another viewer - this time she's for Jacob and Bella - goes, "Pagbulag namo oi!"

           3.   But this one is the grandest side comment of them all, courtesy of two girls who happened to sit beside me then.  I was not with them .  We were just serendipitously seated near each other.  Anyway, right after the controversial kiss, Bella was running back to Edward, then the conversation of the two girls grabbed my attention.  Girl No.1 seemed worried and said, "Hala, nakakita si Edward??"  Girl No. 2 just said, "Duh, makabasa gani sya sa iya thoughts!"  She probably wanted to hit her friend on the head for sitting in front of the big screen for an hour without knowing that. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

What is your soul type?

In psychic Ainslie McLeod's new book, The Instruction, she tells us that we have a central soul type which describes the core of who we really are and what we are intended to do. 

With all the personality tests, showing up on social networks in the internet, I guess it will also be nice to know our soul type.  Why do we behave in a certain way?  Why are we driven to  do certain things?  Why do we deal with people in a certain manner?  All these are defined by our soul type. 

You are less than ten minutes away from knowing your soul type.  McLeod shares to us a quiz to know this. 

Click this link and get to know yourself deeper as you know the answer to the question, "What soul type are you?"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When humans and animals co-exist peacefully and merrily

I find this video of a collie playing with a toddler, trying to entertain the human - and also entertaining himself in the process - really cute and hilarious that I immediately wanted to post it on this blog.

Two things I thought about when I first saw the video:

1.  Probably,  the babysitter was late.  When she finally arrives, she'll realize she'd have to make a run for her money.

2.  Humans and animals can co-exist peacefully and merrily - and really merrily at that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The roof is falling!

If indeed the roof is falling, my nephew Leonard gets himself ready and has already found a place to hide.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The effect of global warming

Now that he is in town, Al Gore should see this picture of my dog, Cody.  This will definitely give him a lot more to talk about.

That's Cody sleeping soundly while hugging a pack of ice, while we were on our way to Butuan City from Surigao City. 

He was jittery before this, and I thought he wanted to pee or something so I asked the driver to pull over for a while.  Unfortunately, Cody didn't pee a drop. 

I thought of buying some ice for him and voila! - since this pack of ice is a long one, he literally sprawled on top of it while licking the part of the ice near his face.  A few minutes after that, he was off to dreamland.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My name is William Cody

My name is William Cody.  I am a Shih Tzu and I was born last Februrary 28, 2010.  I was adopted by my mom a week short before I turned three months old.  Our first adventure together was travelling to her great grandparents' hometown to attend the 8th ABLA Grand Reunion.  My mom made me experience how it was to travel by sea, land, and air.  It was a bit stressful but overall, I enjoyed the experience, specially of meeting my new family, and spending time with them at the beach and at home.

With Ate Ella, my mom's niece.

Tired from my overnight boatride from Cebu City to Surigao City then an hour road trip to Malimono, Surigao del Norte

After my short power nap, I joined my mom in the ABLA Walkathon. 

Perked up from my drowy state by Kuya Coy-Coy.

With Ate Johnsie, my mom's cousin who's more like a second younger sister to her.

With Tita Johnsie, while mom was busy taking part in the medical mission.

With Tito Bem.

With Tita Johnsie, Tita Christy Ann, Ate Nicole, and Tita Leda

With Kuya Yoc-Yoc, during our stop over at Surigao City on the way to Butuan City.

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