Saturday, February 20, 2010

The secret of the rooftop

Just recently, I was in a trough in my life when I discovered this spot in the hospital where I work. I have been there before but it is a spot where I usually wouldn't care to go to although I see the pathway that leads to it every time I go to the dietary to get our meals. I have been there before and that was in the very distant past that I could not even recall when. I have been there before and yet it is only recently that I discovered that this spot holds great treasures. That's why I ask myself, why did I ever let past chances to go to that spot slip away.

I am talking about the rooftop of the hospital's lowermost building. It was when I was in one of my most downtimes that I discovered the secret which the rooftop holds. And just when I made that discovery, I wished that I had more time to feast on the beauty that the rooftop has revealed to me.

You would not believe what I discovered. The rooftop on this side of Bohol gives me a very nice view of the sunset. Maybe that is not much of a discovery at all for anyone else, but to me it is.

Nature never lost its spell on me. It never ceases to amaze me, and I always find myself gawking while staring at its beauty. Farmlands filled with newly-grown rice, that seem to seduce you to run on it -barefoot - and playfully sing Maria's Sound of Music. The hardworking water buffalo that painstakingly serves its two masters - the very land it tills, and the farmer whom it carries around. Mountains that stand in proud splendor. Raging waterfalls that soothes one's raging heart. Pitch black caves which house nature's work of art. A giant tree in the middle of the forest. The silky lake which is one world by itself with all the flora and fauna that thrive in it. And now, this sunset.

This sunset, which serves as a perfect backdrop to the bluegreen waters of this paradise, has been my companion during my time at the pits. It has been a warming embrace from the demands of work. It made me pause and look back, so that I can move on again, from where I left. It's more like nature has shared to me a part of its energy, to counteract whatever negativity the world has.

It has been a friend. It is one of the things I deeply miss when I am not in Bohol because back in the busy city of Ceboom, I have no breathtaking view of it. From the time I knew of this secret, every late afternoon, as long as I am not stranded at the Operating Room, I make it a habit to run to the rooftop to spend a few minutes with this friend. But we never talk. Not a word is spoken. We just stare into each other - I, into it's beauty, and the sunset responding back with its energy and whatever light is left of it, until it fades, and fades, and finally disappears as the sun finds its place beneath the horizon.

Then I leave the rooftop, relieved, recharged, revitalized, inspired, and most importantly looking forward to the next day, whatever life brings.

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