Sunday, March 21, 2010

A short-lived panic attack

I had a short-lived panic attack this morning just before lunch.

I thought I lost my little green notebook. This green notebook cost me only Php. 12.25 when I bought it exactly this time last year at National Bookstore in Mango Avenue. It is indeed very cheap but it has served as my lifeline since.

With it, I am able to keep track of all my earnings and my expenses, from my trike fare from the pier to the hospital, and to my coffee indulgences. I pasted on it all my pay statements and even my deposit slips. Aside from my to-do lists and my grocery lists, I have also written on it the songs I am planning to download when I have the time and the books I am planning to read - yes, you're right, when I have the time. When a topic comes into mind, one that I think would be worth writing about in this blog, I immediately jot it down in my little green notebook. When I read something interesting, the little green notebook is just an arm's length away from me, and so I write anything on it, anytime, anywhere.

Yes, I am a bit primitive in keeping my lists, preferring a small notebook rather than getting a Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. Although I have also learned to use the Active Notes Feature in my phone, still for me, nothing beats my little green notebook.

For me, there is a certain kind of high when, after completing the task on my to-do list, I am able to strike out the listed task and bathe it in different strokes of my pen, until it is buried in black ink, and has escaped my sight. As far as I know, you can't do it on any techie gadget, right? All you can do is delete it and when you do that, you have no chance to revisit that list, relieve the exhilaration of completing that task, and finally crashing it out from your list. That is the reason why I love my little green notebook - so much. It is bloody proof that I have done something somehow.

While I was searching for my little green notebook in my piles of books and papers, I was thinking and worrying at the same time, that if I don't find it, I might be forced to replace my beloved notebook with my new and my very first Starbucks planner. Not that I don't intend to use it, of course I do intend to use it, but the little green notebook means a lot to me and it has proven itself very useful and handy in a lot of ways. The planner, which I know will become useful when I enter into residency hopefully in the months to come, has no mark of ink on it courtesy of its owner, except on a day in June, on which I wrote, "My birthday."

I also love my Starbucks Planner. It is bloody proof of how entwined my life is with coffee, but as of now, it will never beat the love I have for my little green notebook. At least not yet. Probably soon when the little green notebook needs to retire and be laid to rest.

I gave out a sigh of relief when I found my little green notebook in one of the piles of books and notebooks in my locker. It was like playing Hide and Seek with a kid. You know the kid is just in the house but you start to worry when you can't find the little rascal in his favorite hiding place. As for the little green notebook, I was pretty sure I packed it in my hand carry luggage.

Finally, I found it! I thought I saw the finish line but my days with my little green notebook is not yet about to end. This love affair continues.

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