Sunday, March 14, 2010

What makes you smile?

What turns your frown into a smile? What brightens up your face, boosts your mood to a sky-rocket high, and spills a bucketful of endorphins into your system?

Here's my growing list of reasons to smile. In random order.

1. A speedy internet connection.

2. Chunky strawberry bits in my strawberry milk shake.

3. A warm shower that lasts forever.

4. A day (or days) off from work.

5. Booking a flight online.

6. Frolicking in the beach.

7. Smell of sauteed garlic and onions.

8. A warm cup of coffee.

9. Waking up in the morning beside the person I love.

10. Planning a vacation.

11. A bacon breakfast prepared by Mom.

12. A movie date.

13. Coffee crumble ice cream.

14. Finding money in my pocket or in my bag pockets, when I least expect to.

15. A successfully cooked recipe. (Cooked by me of course.)

16. Singing a praise hymn with the church congregation.

17. Hearing a favorite song played on air.

18. Finishing a good book.

19. Family and friends who love me as I am.

20. Having monggo beans with pork in coconut milk for lunch.

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