Friday, April 16, 2010

A Bwahaha moment

While I was on duty, one of the nurses asked me what intravenous (IV) fluid to hook up next for a certain patient.

Actually it's a question that did not necessitate any asking because they usually would follow the same kind IV fluid as the one being replaced or just consumed, unless it was specified that the IV line should be terminated once the fluid is consumed.  If there are incorporations in the said fluid, such as potassium and oxytocin, they would need to refer that to us. 

Anyway, back to the scene I was talking about, the other nurse on duty even said something in jest to the nurse who asked me, that it's already a general rule that they follow the same IV fluid.  We all laughed because there was some truth in it.

This made me playfully formulate 2 Rules for them when they need to hook up a new IV fluid - in hospital slang, that is called, 'following an IV' or 'IV to follow' - after the current one which is hooked is about to be consumed:

Rule No. 1.  Always follow the same type of  IV fluid.

Rule No. 2.  When confused on what IV to follow, refer to Rule No. 1.

At least that is for moonlighting.  Where the burden of residency is a little bit lighter.  Bwahaha!

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