Friday, April 2, 2010

Caption this: The Search for the Funniest Caption

Let's play a game!

Can you think of a funny caption for this picture?

If you have a funny caption in mind, type it in the comments section.  The search for the funniest caption will go on for two weeks.  In order to be considered, captions must be brief (as long as they are not as long as a novel, that would be fine), and may be in English, in Tagalog, or Visayan dialect.

I plan to do more of this in the future and give away some prizes too.  I am thinking of giving away books as prize for the winner.  I'm also thinking of giving away shirts with designs that I have in my mind right now.  I plan to print the designs by myself.  It will be a labor of love if I decide to give away shirts since I have to buy a plain colored shirt and print the design from scratch.  However, since I plan to do some me-time at the mall next week, I might grab a good book at Fully Booked or at National Bookstore.  Something that could be sent easily through the courier, I guess would be a good reward.  Hmm, let's see. I will update you on that in the following days.  Any suggestions? 

While you think of what prizes would be suitable to be given away, do type the funniest caption that you think fits this picture best.  By the way, my cousin took this picture of me last February, in one of the tunnels in the Animal Kingdom at the Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.


  1. "Evolution"

    Nice one doc shing! hehe

  2. Hahahaha!! Hello bri! thanks! :-)

    If you win, I just have to drop your prize at the hospital hehehehe :-)


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