Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The effect of global warming

Now that he is in town, Al Gore should see this picture of my dog, Cody.  This will definitely give him a lot more to talk about.

That's Cody sleeping soundly while hugging a pack of ice, while we were on our way to Butuan City from Surigao City. 

He was jittery before this, and I thought he wanted to pee or something so I asked the driver to pull over for a while.  Unfortunately, Cody didn't pee a drop. 

I thought of buying some ice for him and voila! - since this pack of ice is a long one, he literally sprawled on top of it while licking the part of the ice near his face.  A few minutes after that, he was off to dreamland.


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  2. Hello Claudia! Thanks :-) Will surely check on that link which you shared. Thanks again and keep on visiting :-)


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