Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living on a backpack

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Like most of my fellow residents in the hospital where I work in, I am living in a backpack.

We say this in jest - that we bring our houses along with us, like turtles do, each time we cross the seas separating the islands of Bohol and Cebu - but there is actually a truth in it.  In fact, we cross the islands every two days, and you could only imagine how the routine of crossing the islands has become an innate part of our system, not to mention the urgent need to bring our turtlehouses along with us.

You would think that my bag would be as light as a feather considering the two days that I spend at work.  Unfortunately for me, it isn't.  Ever since my university days in college, I was already a heavy traveller then especially during semestral breaks when I go home to Mindanao.  Being a light traveller has always been a challenge for me. Even more so now, that my backpack is practically my house-on-the-go, and I just need to have some things in it, things which I do not necessarily use on  a frequent basis but I got to have them in my bag, because I know those will come in handy anytime and when that anytime comes, and I don't have what I need, my obsessive-compulsive self goes berserk.

Of course, those some things share a space with the necessary stuff I need to have in my bag, or else all hell would break lose.

I will allow you to take a peek and get an idea of the Top Ten Things you will find almost always in my house-on-the go:

1.  Max, my HP Mini.  Who can live without a computer these days.  I guess not me.  There are duty days though when I don't use my HP Mini (since at times, duty hours are way busy) but I just got to have Max in my bag in case I need to surf on the web, write e-mails, play computer games, and write raw drafts for this blog.

2.  Power source for Max, two different phone chargers, and my Ipod charger. You would find these in a separate compartment in my backpack.  The price we have to pay for technology is to bring wires almost everytime to almost everywhere we go.

3.  My Starbucks Planner, my notebook for my medical notes, my Medicine Blue book, and sometimes a bundle of receipts of my purchases which I try to record on a daily basis.

4.  The book I am trying to read at the moment.  As of this time, this would be Abraham Vergese's Cutting for Stone.  As if the things listed in No. 3 aren't already too much to read.

5.  A scrub suit, a casual top/s,  handkerchiefs,  and undergarments.  Actually a lot of undergarments in case an operation or a scene at the ER becomes messy.

6.  Single serving packs of Milo, 3-in-1 Nescafe Coffee, a pillbox which contains vitamins, a pack of antacids and a bottle of over-the-counter pain relievers.  Occasionally you will find an apple, or a pack of corn chips.

7.  Sunglasses.  I always make it a point to wear one each time I expose myself to the sun.  As musch as possible I don't want to have those lines that surround the eyes. Me don't want crow's feet, you know.

8.  Body lotion, facial night cream, petroleum jelly, my self-concocted anti-pimple/facial cleansing solution, a small bottle of VS cologne.

9.  My Kikay Bag with all the toiletries and beauty tips I need.

10.  A mini-tape measure for measuring tasks I need to do while examining the patient and A teeny-weeny stamp pad with my name on it.

What's in your bag?  I realized that all of us are actually living in a bag but I feel that mine is just a little special in the sense that it crosses the sea every two days.   In a way,  my backpack is a bit overworked.  

We are all living in a bag, whether it's a pouch, a small-sized backpack, a shoulder bag, or simply a sling bag - which reminds me of the one I have which I have been using for some time now. It crosses the sea with me every two days too.  Wanna know what's inside it?  Well, that would be another story and would take an entirely different entry.    


  1. Hehe... You sound like George Clooney doc... "What's in your backpack?" ^_^

  2. hello gay!

    Oh is that in Clooney's movie "Up in the Air"?

    Hehehehe!! Now I have to watch that movie. I was done downloading it months ago but I haven't even watched it yet.

    And all the while I thought I would have all the time to relax when I am not in training hahahaha!!!


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