Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Lagi, kita na ko'g "Eclipse'" (Yes, I have seen the movie 'Eclipse')

But I am not going to wirte a movie review about it.

My 'Eclipse' movie experience was decorated with the screams of the audience each time Jacob (Taylor Lautner) flaunted his chiseled physique.

Then there were the muffled comments when Edward (Robert Pattinson) kissed Bella (Kristen Stewart) just before Jacob gave her a big bear hug.

Now who could forget the scene where the three of them spent the night camping.  Bella was tortured by the biting cold.  Jacob came to the rescue, telling Edward to face the truth that he was hotter than him.  Jacob warmed Bella by hugging her, perhaps he was the best human blanket on the face of the earth then. 

But the most unforgettable part for me was not the movie but the side comments I heard from the people sitting near me while watching the movie. 

So hear are the Top 3 Side Comments for the Movie Eclipse, which imprinted on me even as I walked out of the movie theater.

          1.  Jacob just finished kissing Bella, when she asked him to.  Then Bella's face was focused on the screen, then one viewer - who's obviously for Edward and Bella - goes, "Bigaon gyud ai, nagpula lang ang ngabil!"

          2.   After that kiss, Bella approached Edward, in an attempt to explain what just happened, then another viewer - this time she's for Jacob and Bella - goes, "Pagbulag namo oi!"

           3.   But this one is the grandest side comment of them all, courtesy of two girls who happened to sit beside me then.  I was not with them .  We were just serendipitously seated near each other.  Anyway, right after the controversial kiss, Bella was running back to Edward, then the conversation of the two girls grabbed my attention.  Girl No.1 seemed worried and said, "Hala, nakakita si Edward??"  Girl No. 2 just said, "Duh, makabasa gani sya sa iya thoughts!"  She probably wanted to hit her friend on the head for sitting in front of the big screen for an hour without knowing that. 

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