Monday, August 30, 2010


I just can't believe it.

August is about to say goodbye but this probably will only be the only entry I will be posting.  I can't believe it because the reason behind the silence is actually not because I ran out of topics to write about.  In fact, my mind was and is overflowing with ideas, realizations, and experiences to write about.

Just before August arrived, I successfully squeezed in some alone time so that I could jot down these stuff.  My idea of alone time is having coffee all by myself in a nearby coffee shop, while browsing the internet with Max's help.  Unfortunately I only got successful in the part of squeezing in and the jotting down part just went ppffffffffttt.  What I did then was only drink my coffee and the afternoon away while doing a sort of make-up reading of my favorite sites on the web.  I might have to do better next time.

I just can't believe it.

Two major, major fiascos for our country in two consecutive days.  First, the dreaded hostage drama at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last August 23, and second, the missed hit made by our Miss Universe bet, Venus Raj, the following day.  I don't really want to talk about it and oversaturate the topic.  It has been talked about enough but I admit I am tempted to write about Miss Venus Raj, particularly about her answer during the Q & A Portion in the recently held Miss Universe 2010 Pageant in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I will probably write about that in my future posts.  It amuses me that  because of this real Filipina beauty, it is somehow accepted these days when you say, "Major, major" and not get corrected for saying so.  As I write this entry, the replay of the pageant is actually on television.  I know I will kind of dread the Q & A Portion but well, there is no need denying that we are still happy for Venus' win (which follows Miriam Quiambao's win, eleven years ago), even if a little voice antagonizes this happiness, and says that the Miss Universe 2010 Crown was just within Venus' reach.  Still, there is no denying that we are all proud of this beautiful lady who's got a 22-inch waistline, something which most of us could only dream about in our whole lifetime.

As for the hostage drama which was witnessed by probably three-fourths of the world's population, well, the repercussions are just beginning to manifest.  I was initially furious over that late former police officer who left our lives as Filipinos way miserable than when he was still around.  My anger has simmered down somehow but I am afraid it has not evaporated yet.  It is sad to know that the very venue where the new president of this republic had his inauguration is the very venue where the hostage drama took place.  The venue where dreams just got resuscitated becomes the same venue where these dreams might have to meet their ultimate death. 

On the happier side, I just can't believe it.

I just got back from Dumaguete City to witness the festivities of the the 109th Silliman University Founders' Day.  There were a few mishaps and challenges on my way to Dumaguete and even on my way back to Cebu but I don't mind at all.  When I got down from the fastcraft which ferried us from Cebu Province to the island of Negros Oriental, I had a feeling of coming home.  Really.  With that, I just can't believe that it took me four years before really taking time and making plans to revisit  this neighboring city which for me is a treasure chest of memories.  I will tell you about this trip in my upcoming  posts.  That's a guarantee.

As for now, though things that recently took place seem unbelievable, I just might have to convince myself to just start believing that indeed, they happened.  That's life, anyway.  It never runs out of surprises.  Never.

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