Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fashion Photography Show and A Car Show All in One Day

October 10, 2010.  I was actually on my way to SM City Cebu to take pictures of the Car Show.  I decided to pass by Ayala Center since there was an available PUJ route there going to SM.

          Upon arriving at Ayala, I was surprised to see a lot of people in costumes.  I was more than delighted to find out that there was a Fashion Photography Show going on.  So while my friend B decided to have a quick shopping for some beauty accessories, I decided to join the bunch of shutter happy people and I clicked and clicked away like there was no tomorrow.

MYSTERIOUS GIRL.  In a crowd of costume players, this girl caught my eye.  Until now, as I stare at her pictures, I still feel it.  I know it - that there is something about her.  If you find her, please do tell me, because I and my friends are dying to have a photoshoot with her.


Aside from my mysterious girl, here are some of the other costume players. 


Here's another model I love.  All of the players were happy to pose for the cameras.  This model was very friendly and pretty accommodating like Mysterious Girl. (Yes, I haven't gotten over that girl yet.  Probably, I never will unless I have another photoshoot with her. )

I love the way she/he projects. She/He has the makings of a model.  And I have to admit, she/he has the makings of a model, like Mysterious Girl.

I gave this model and my mysterious girl the link to this blog.  I hope they don't forget my blog's address.  I hope they will find these.  So I could find them.  

I wish I got their number.  I feel like the man in Script's Man Who Can't Be Moved, hoping to find this model and Mysterious Girl, but not really knowing how to, or where to start.  I hope they find their way to my blog.  

The Car Show was an added bonus to the shutter addict in me, after satisfying my shooter instincts at the Fashion Photography Show.  Enjoy the rest of the photos.


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