Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pangarap Lang Kita

This song has been my anthem lately, right after I saw a bunch of kids do a cover in a gag show.  The lyrics were written with a certain playfulness, yet it does not abandon the definite realities that accompany a budding love.  Musical arrangement is well done, still with that playfulness, that will make one easily follow and remember its tune.

Probably, at some point in our lives, we could relate to this song's theme and that could be a reason why this song ticks.  Remembering that someone we "dreamed" about may ignite an intense gamut of emotions -- euphoria, if you eventually ended up in each other's arms, or devastation, sheer frustration, if the dream just remained as it is, a dream.

Whichever way your story ended, this song and this video will surely make you smile.  Embrace whatever emotions are ignited and resuscitated.  Those emotions were born because once you dreamed and because once, you loved.  

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