Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's talk about Fooooddd..!

Something's, well, actually a lot of palatables, been pleasing the palate of the regular crowd around Cebu Velez General Hospital, or in F. Ramos Street, Cebu City for that matter, especially at night.  That may sound creepy but I assure you, it isn't.

When you happen to pass by this hospital at night . . . or when you happen to have a rough night's duty in the hospital or in the nearby call centers or establishments . . . and you find your stomach clamoring for food . . .  worry not, for you don't have to go so far.  Even in the wee hours of the morning, you will have a chance to grab a bite.

Food trip No. 1.  Barbecue CornerCebuanos have always been in love with grilled and barbecued food. That's the reason why there's a greater chance you will see barbecue stands each time you make a quarter turn when you're in this city.  

                                   This side of town has its own share of barbecue heaven at night, located at the corners of F. Ramos and Ranudo Streets in front of the Paper Box Study Center. Just right across my medical alma mater.  

                                 The vendors would arrange the chairs and tables on the side of the street, as soon as darkness falls.  You'd see an avid crowd flocking around a table full of marinated pork barbecue, chicken skin, fish intestine.  Yeahp! 

                                   Their barbecue offerings in general have a very good and distinct flavor to them, that's the reason why their customers is a homogenous mix of people from different economic strata -- medical students, doctors, professionals, and even the ordinary tao.   Their barbecue tastes really good, it has been breaking barriers since maybe five years ago.  Dip it in their served concoction of soy sauce and lemon and red chili, then eat it with rice wrapped in coconut leaves -- the famous puso, -- then gulp everything down with ice cold softdrink. 

                                  They open store as darkness falls and they immediately pack up once all goods are sold, usually before midnight.

Food trip No. 2.  Babsi's Food Corner. Actually, a food establishment that stands exactly at the corner right across my medical alma mater.  It offers a modest amount of food choices which the owner of a busy stomach might want for the moment.  It's breakfast all day long for those who'd want bacon or hotdog or spam for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Count in the regulars too -- tuna flakes in oil, Spanish Sardines, and the ever dependable pancit canton or noodles with egg.  They also have other cooked dishes to choose from, among them are  sweet and sour pork and fish in oyster sauce, which are my favorite.

Food trip No. 3.  The Vanishing Store.  This, I have to admit is my favorite of all night foodstops.  Hospital people fondly named this store as such because it pretty much is it -- vanishing.  It appears at night and vanishes even before daylight sprawls on the sleepy street.
                                  For a first-timer, I would highly recommend their cornelette, a perfect  combination of corned beef and omelette.  It's a marriage made in streetfood heaven, I tell you. Again, we have created that name for the dish ourselves, so it may sound foreign to the vendor/cook.  So just order it by saying, cornbeef with egg.  You can choose to eat it ala carte or with rice.  They also have pancit canton and hot noodles, as well as beef loaf or luncheon meat dunked in egg.  Aside from enjoying my food, I love eating at the vanishing store since  because you get to people-watch and aside from that, enjoy the new, and very much improved facade of the hospital where I work in.  (I'll try to take a photo of the facade and post it here soon.)

                                            All these talk about food makes me hungry now.  Well, I have always loved food in spite of my very slender physique. I even find myself spending more on food than on stuff - which I know would spark disapproval from some.  Some individuals would rather spend on stuff they can see rather than spend much on food.
                                            Well, each to his own, people.  Variety has always been useful for this planet.  As for me, I savor each bite of the food I love.  After all, I live to work, work to eat, and eat to live.     :-) 
                                            Do tell me friends if you happen to drop by the places I mentioned above and try their food.  Bon appetit, everyone! :-)

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