Monday, July 16, 2012

Spellbounding Surigao

Sometime ago, I took a leave from work, sailed the deep blue sea overnight, and traveled at dawn for almost an hour on a dirt road just to see this.

Punta Beach, Malimono, Surigao del Norte.  PHOTO BY SHING CAMPS

      This beach is secretly nestled in one of the remote towns located at the outskirts of Surigao City.  Untouched and never tampered, it is nature's beauty in its rawest form.  It is only here where I saw, felt, and drank brackish water --  only here where the river meets the deep blue sea.  

     There are moments when, while I'm in the urban jungle called Cebu City, I yearn for the tranquility that this beach has to offer.  Nature indeed does magic, it has the power to calm one's nerves from all the wreckless nonsense.  It could cradle you and make you feel like a baby again, comfortably sleeping, dreaming, without any worries of what tomorrow might bring.

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