Monday, August 20, 2012

AKA Jam: An unexpected homecoming

Everyone who was glued to their televisions last night to watch X Factor Philippines' 3rd results show was in for a shock of their lives when the two consistent top performers of the show, AKA Jam and Daddy's Home, found themselves at the bottom two.

I am not exempted among those who were shocked, and I just found myself throwing OMG's every minute when both acts did their survival performances, more so when the judges made their choices on who they want send home, especially when it was Mr. Gary Valenciano's turn to make a choice.  He is the mentor of both groups, and I could just imagine how heartbreaking it must be to make a decision to choose one over the other, let alone finding both his groups
on the bottom of the list.

There was a deadlock among the Judges' votes, two of them wanted AKA Jam to go, and the other two wanted Daddy's home to go.  To clinch the tie, the results of the text votes were revealed and was noted to be in favor of Daddy's Home and so the guys got the chance to stay on until next week.  Elimination was practically breathing on their necks before the announcement and it was an indescribably unpleasant feeling, I could tell.

338 A.K.A. Jam Tanggal sa Pinoy X Factor Philippines

It was a heartbreaking night, and everything was totally unexpected.  In my two previous reviews on this show, I haven't even got it right - not even once -  on who is on the bottom two.  I say, we all shouldn't take it away from our brains that after all, this is a popularity show and that evens out the playing field in this game of talents.  

2111 A.K.A. Jam Tanggal sa Pinoy X Factor Philippines

To AKA Jam, I really thought they would be among the Top 3 at least.  The girls were a formidable act admittedly, even if I found it quite weird, that the judges gave them a second shot despite of being eliminated as solo acts,  I have learned to eagerly watch out what these had to offer.

Well, well, well, the judges and the text votes have spoken.  I wonder whose names would come out on the bottom two next week.  Admittedly, this first season has turned out to be more exciting than I expected it to be.  Till next week's batch of surprises!


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