Monday, August 13, 2012

It's the end of the road for Mark Mabasa on X Factor PH

Mark Mabasa, the guy from Muntinlupa City, got the judges votes to be eliminated from X Factor Philippines.  

Together with  Mark Mabasa, the boy band-wanna be, Take-Off, also found its way at the bottom two among the contestants with the least number of text votes from the viewers.   However, the judges decided to save the boys from saying goodbye to their X Factor Dream. 

The contestants who made it to the Top Ten are (in no particular order): A.K.A. JAM, Daddy's Home, Jeric Medina, Joan Da, Allen Jane Sta. Maria, KZ Tindangan, Gabriel Medina, Kedebon Colim, and Modesto Taran.

I believe Mark Mabasa, also suffered from song unpopularity thus a few textvoters came out of their way to save him.  His boy-next-door looks it seems, was not enough at all to propel him to the one of the top slots in the show.  I couldn't get the logic though why Take-Off was saved.  I couldn't even think of an excuse about the decision.

Come to think of it, Kedebon Colim is still in.  Maybe his voters wanted to see him roll on stage again like what he did last week when his name was called.  Some people are indeed ready to waste some hard-earned bucks on cheap entertainment.  His performance last Saturday was toned down, and with that I mean, minus the antics -- no desperate attempt to inject comedy into his mediocre performance, no desperate attempt to hide the palpable truth.  That he actually has NO X Factor.  He sure was able to nail the notes of Firehouse's I Live My Life For You but he doesn't really have anything new to offer.  He should sing with his eyes closed though, that's one valuable and well-meaning advice I could give him.  His eyes aren't big but it effectively scares the audience, it would make them believe they are actually seeing Vilma Santos' The Healing on television.  Kedebon, I still believe your time is almost up on X Factor. 

Crowd-drawer AKA JAM's perfomance did not  outstand their performance last week as they sounded  topsy turvy and flats and sharps were being thrown here and there.  Good for them, they are safe from elimination.  

Joan Da, for me had one of the best performances during the 2nd Performance Night last Saturday, August 11.  She indeed proved that she deserved to be saved from the first round of eliminations.  It was evident that she was in her zone that night, a perfect example that an original Filipino composition could give anyone with talent a real edge.  This girl will surely keep on surprising us this season.

My favorite performance for the night was that of security guard contestant Modesto Taran.   He gave out a hair-raising rendition of the OPM classic Habang May Buhay, an After Image original, for which he got a standing O.  Modesto is the underdog everybody would just love to love.  Almost everybody thought he would be kicked out early in the elimination season but this guy is just saying never.  His is a powerful voice, and he goes beyond just singing the notes right.  I would like to think of him as the Andrea Bocelli this time with eyes that actually see.  It's about time the Philippines add another name to its list of tenors, in the person of Modesto Taran.  He may be way over 25 but with age comes wisdom, and to add to that, I believe this guy also has a lot of humility.  And about appearances, if a person's got real talent, you learn to see through that and focus on what really matters.  Modesto Taran is a strong contender for the top win.

 Early  favorite and consistent stellar performer KZ Tindangan, the humble lass from Digos City, still continues to have a command in the show.  She's just driving everyone KZ!  This girl could just grab the crown anytime.

That's it for the second week of elimination for X Factor Philippines.  I'm on the edge of my seat, eager for the next batch of surprises that await all of us next week.  

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