Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A nation mourns


I was doing my morning rounds at the wards when I overheard on the radio that finally, Hon. Sec. Jesse Robredo’s body was recovered from the deep seawaters of Masbate City.

            I felt a mixture of emotions rush all throughout my body.  I was happy that the secretary’s body was finally recovered, but it was a lifeless body that was found, the reason why sadness also looms.

            I saw in the news that the late secretary was a good swimmer.  I held on to that hope while the search and rescue operations were on, that God-willing, the secretary is able to make use of his swimming skills to save his own life, and would just be found swimming and holding on to a makeshift flotation device, probably a part of the private plane he rode in, or that he was just ushered by the sea currents to a nearby deserted island.  

I had this scene at the back of my head. He is finally found by the rescuers on a deserted island all by himself. He is waving to them, his spirits on a high, his energy unmeasurable, a glaring contradiction of his bearing.  His hair is disheveled, and his mustache slightly longer than he usually sports it, and there are minor scratches all over his body, and his clothes are tattered but still, he is a thing of beauty, a sight to behold.

But all that will just remain at the back of my head right now.

Reality has set in.

I couldn’t help but be teary-eyed looking at the news, hearing at the same time all the amazing attributes of this man.  He was a real silent worker, dedicated to his commitment of serving the people, without trying to make a big fuss out of it.  To top it all, indeed, it was the little things that he did that truly made him great, most especially to his family.  I could only shake my head in awe that in spite of his schedule he made it a point to be with his family each time he had a chance.

The late Hon. Sec. Jesse Robredo was a rare find, a real gem, in this time and age.  He was our light at the end of the tunnel that there is hope for change in the tradition of Philippine politics.  Indeed, there will be big shoes to fill by whoever is appointed to take his position in the government.

Thank you, Sir, for everything you have done for us as a country.  Thank you for your time, your life, which you have spent serving the people.  Thank you for setting an example to your fellow politicians, to the young and the young at heart, and to the Filipino people as a whole.  Probably that was your mission, to set an example, and to cast on a glimmer of hope, that things like serving the people through good and responsible governance can be done without veering towards the crooked side.  That there is such a thing as word of honor.   That our feet can still stand sturdy on the ground even if success is sky high.  That fathers, no matter how busy, can still make time for their children.  

You have also done your job as a father well.  A proof to that is when your eldest daughter Aika, had an interview on television last night.  Her grace and poise and disposition truly reflected that of yours.  Admirable in this time of loss that family is in.  Indeed, she is your daughter.
Thank you, Sir Jesse.  Rest in peace, sir.  You will forever be missed.     


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