Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updated: X Factor PH 4th Performance Night and Results Show: KZ Tindangan rocks the house

Last night was the 4th Performance Night on X Factor Philippines.  The finalists, nine of them left this time, gave tribute to artists who, as KC Concepcion puts it, have gone to the after life.

I am afraid that the show has become predictable and that KZ Tindangan is the consistent top performer left in the show, although there is the close competitor in the person or, shall I say, persons, of Daddy's Home.

Tindangan gave a mind-blowing rendition of Amy Winehouse's Rehab and as always she has delivered.  

Daddy's Home sang Whitney Houston's All at Once and they gave more than justice to the Bodyguard star's song.

Joan Da, again says no to being on the bottom 2 with her version of Aaliyah's Let Me Know.  This Sitti-look alike also got a lot of potential.  I can see her moving on through the Top 5 finalists. 

Who's going home tonight?  

It's anybody's ball game in this show which represents a marriage of talent and popularity, but  I still want to make a fearless forecast, that either Gabriel or Take Off, might be forced to say goodbye tonight.  Kedebon might get off the hook again this time, and that wouldn't really mean that the people love his singing.  

They might just want something, uhmm, okey, someone to make them laugh until their tummies ache.  Judge-Mentor Pilita Corales nailed it last night, when she said that Kedebon does a good job in distracting the audience by running around the stage and then nobody notices at all that he doesn't finish his lines and that he doesn't hit the notes well.  

The people's patience may have been stretched a little longer for this little guy, and his antics might have been casting a spell on them.  On the other hand, his fans might still have enough moolah to cast their text votes for him to make him stay just a little longer on the show.

Update:  Modesto goes home

Time is up for the most senior finalist on the show, Modesto Taran.  Along with Take Off (this time I got one of the bottom two right -- at last!), Mang Modesto found his way on the bottom two for the first time.  His butt too, was kicked out of the show for the first time.

However, there is nothing to worry at all for this guy.  For sure, Mang Modesto's life will be going somewhere towards a brighter path after his stint at X Factor Ph.  He may be the oldest in the bunch of finalists but surely the guy put up a very good fight during this first season.  I am pretty sure we will be seeing him around.

Kedebon stays

What is with this guy?  Enough said.  Since it is a Sunday, I'd do everybody including myself a favor and just shut my mouth up.



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