Monday, August 6, 2012

X Factor PH Journey ends for Jerianne Templo: Anatomy of a disaster

           It came as a shock for me that diving instructor Jerianne Templo is the first casualty of the show.

          There's no question about it, she definitely can sing, compared to Kedebon, but let us not forget that this is a popularity show.  The talent counts but the contestant will always be at the mercy of the voting audience.  Moreso, the judges will be at the receiving end too, as they are given list of names to choose from - who's staying, who's leaving  -- and they suddenly find the name of someone they do not expect to be on the list.  

          The polls have narrowed down to Joan Da and Jerianne Templo as the two contestants with the least votes after last night's performance show.  I admit they did not have the most superb performances last night, but I thought they would be in the relatively safe bracket.  The judges had to vote one of them out and it was Jerianne.  

           Personally I think it was not a timely song for Jerianne.  Not timely because I don't think it was a wrong choice of song.  She injected her own character into the song however it's just that she could have it sometime as the season runs and when she has already stepped up to the next level.  

         I understand that the reason why Charice chose the classic song for her was she wanted to showcase Jerianne's soul instead of her birit (belting).  Now I think it would have been better if Charice indeed chose a song that would showcase Jerianne's birit, so it would be like she would be putting her best foot forward right at the beginning of the semi's, like commanding some respect and following right from the start.  Only after building up such following, would she have the right time when she can sing this song, this time to reveal to the audience another side of her as a singer.

          Another factor which contributed to this disaster, aside from the untimeliness of the song, is its unpopularity among the masa, to whom the big chunk of text voters belong to.  The voters would love to hear a song they are familiar with.  And this song, although sang by Celine Dion and Roberta Flack and X Factor UK winner Leona Lewis, is not as famous as let's say Bleeding Love.

          It looks like this first season of X Factor Philippines is a bag of surprises.  A glaring surprise is Kedebon making it to the Top 11!  Let's hold on to our seats and enjoy this journey.  Anyway, that's why they call this stuff entertainment. 


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