Sunday, August 5, 2012

X-Factor Philippines 1st Performance Show: Who did well and who needs to go?

It will almost be impossible not to say anything about the 1st Performance Show of the Top 12 Finalists of X-Factor Philippines.  Everyone has something to say about the finalists  and about the show as a whole, and everyone has his own bet among the 12 contestants, I myself included. 

Who did well?  Here are my top 3 contestants, in random order. 

1.  Daddy's Home.  Definitely, these guys are home, and in the zone indeed.  I can't help comparing them to Boyz to Men.  For me theirs was the best performance last night.  They equally shared the stage among themselves and well-blended powerful voices like what they have just couldn't go wrong.

2.  A.K.A. JAM.   Initially joining the contest as solo acts, these girls, six of them, were first given the group name, Lucky Girls (I believe lucky in the sense that they were already eliminated but brought back in.) until their mentor Gary Valenciano, one of the judges, thought of forming a word out of the initials of their first names.  Thus the name, also known as jam. 

          I must admit, I found it weird that the judges decided to give these girls an offer to stay in the contest by joining in as one group.  I think it would have been fair enough if they offered the same option to other solo acts that got eliminated.  Putting that issue aside, I think these girls truly have a stroke on luck since their voices blended pretty well.  Six voices with different caliber and quality wouldn't be that easy to harmonize, whatever the best term may be but after their number last night,  Martin Nievera even commented that the decision of taking in these girls as one group is the best decision they ever made for the show.  

          I don't necessarily agree to that but I agreed when one of the judges commented that the girls gave a very good performance it almost felt like they were guest performers on the show and not one of the finalists. This group is among the ones to watch out for this season.

3.  KZ Tindangan.   An early favorite and a simple lass from the south, KZ is a living proof that big things come in small packages.  Forced to change her genre because of a certain throat condition she had in the past, KZ probably has no hint at all, that this change could indeed be her stepping stone to stardom.  Charice chose Lenka's The Show for her.  KZ's performance was meant to be light, relaxing, and she did just that, although there were some moments when tension crept in but that was pretty understandable for someone who has never been on television and suddenly walks into a stage surrounded by a sea of people.  KZ remains a strong contender.

Who needs to go?  

      Definitely Kedebon needs to go.  I'm sorry but including him in the Top 12 is the worst decision the judges ever made for this premiere season.  They decided to commit  a mistake at that. The slot given to him was actually put to waste and the price of that is letting go of other performers who deserved to be in the Top 12, like Sweet Bliss.  

         Kedebon's inadequacy in singing was poorly masqueraded with dance moves and ended with a desperate last attempt in case the dance moves and the funny faces didn't work.  While I was watching him, I coudn't help but shake my head.  He'll probably make it big somewhere, but definitely for now, not on X-Factor Philippines. 

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