Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A resident's prayer

Thank you Lord for the gift of this new day

Thank you for carrying us through the long night that has gone by

Thank you for another opportunity, another chance, to extend your loving and healing hand to the sick who are under our care.

I am deeply sorry for the times I have acted not according to what You would have wanted me to.

                                                         Grant me strength, Dear Father, that for the sake of my patients, I may remain strong deep within, amidst all the trials I am going through myself.

That I may serve as an inspiration to my patients as well as a source of hope of their deliverance from the hurdles of health which they are going through.

That I may always choose what is right and just, rather than what is easy and wrong with selfish motives.

Grant me wisdom, Dear Father, along with a quick mind, to be able to fathom the mystery of the diseases that my patients are suffering from. So that with Your guidance I will be able to heal them with no delay.

Grant me patience, Dear Father, and help me remember that some things are beyond my control,and that I have to do some waiting, for things to unfold and for answers to come from You.

Please guide and enlighten me in every medical decision I make.

All these I pray, through the ultimate physician, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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