Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My prayer today

My prayer today,
Is that may I always be reminded and humbled 
Of my beginnings.
That I will always remember and never forget
The people who helped me and sacrificed for me
So that I may be
Where I am today.

My prayer today,
Is that may I always have strength,
And never fail to turn to the Lord for this,
Inspite of whatever trials I encounter in this life.
That I may not be easily shakened, disappointed, and frustrated
Amidst seemingly hopeless situations
And even in the company of differently-principled individuals.

My prayer today,
Is that may I always maintain my compassion
For the sick and the dying,
The poor and the oppressed, 
And the weak and frail in heart.
That I may always make it a point
To put myself in their shoes
So that my decisions will be for their best welfare and not for my, 
Or anybody's selfish interests.

My prayer today, 
Is that may I always have a wise and sound mind
That is bright enough to pick the best and the fairest
In a barrage of choices
A mind that is not quick and reckless enough to judge
But quick enough to readily understand the reality of circumstance.

My prayer today
Is that may I have a mouth 
That only utters soft, kind, necessary, and inspiring words
For my fellowmen.

My prayer today
Is that may I always harbor a contrite heart
That knows nothing but to love unconditionally
Beyond any appearances, preferences, and worldly belongings.

That I may have a soul
That honors God above all
And a life that is truly inspired by faith.
No matter how imperfectly human I may be.

All these I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.

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