Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Window seat, please

I have always loved travelling.  Anyway, who doesn't?

8A is my favorite seat each time I fly back to this city from my home city.  As you see, that seat is a window seat.

It is not all the time though that I get to book myself a window seat.  My well-meaning aunt advised me to get a seat by the aisle specially during long flights to avoid annoying your seatmate each time you go for a leak, or simply need to visit the bathroom.  To me, that makes perfect sense.

What amazes me though, is that unknowingly, I have this habit of taking pictures of the view from my window seat, that I have a number of these pics right now.  They may be quite a few but I would like to believe that the number of pictures is still growing, and hopefully it would shoot up as soon as I am out of slavery, uhmm, excuse me, residency.  Really, I can almost hardly wait for that time when I will regain back my freedom.  As of now, I am holding my breath, taking each day as it comes, as my favorite mantra goes.

Let me share some of the pictures I got.  Shots of the view from my window seat.

I have featured this picture in one of my entries here in this blog (Reincarnated, February 2009).  This is snow clad Mt. Fuji.  It is Japan's highest peak and is considered one of the country's "Three Holy Mountains," with Mt. Haku and Mt. Tate.  It's exceptionally symmetrical cone is a symbol of Japan, reminding us too of our very own Mayon Volcano in Albay.

This one is my first view of Yankee land, taken at about dusk with a point and shoot camera.  i was pretty excited to step on New York, New York.

Let's go local this time.  This was taken on my way to Clark, Pampanga, last year to attend a medical convention.  Featured on my Facebook page, this picture provides such a breathtaking view of cottony clouds.  I tend to abuse that adjective each time I describe clouds -- cottony, a sea of cotton.  I could not think of any more appropriate way to describe it.  I took this shot during my favorite time of day, dusk, using my then dependable smartphone.  I love this shot.  For me, the interplay of light and shadow blended perfectly well.  Aside from that, this picture somewhat brings you closer to Him who is behind all this beauty of nature.  

This last one is the one closest to home both literally and figuratively.  Taken after my most recent visit to my home and my parents, while I was seated on my favorite seat on my flight back to this city, onboard a turbo propeller aircraft.  This is nature at its rawest, and most pure form.  An appropriate analogy to the kind of love we only find in the place where our hearts lie.  

Hoping for more pictures to share very soon. 

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