Monday, March 31, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

This will be the first time I will be endorsing a product.

For this extraordinary milestone in my blogging career, I would like to make a toast.  

With the distinctive clink of wineglasses crowding my head right now - the sound is so loud, I almost think I am hallucinating, - I realized that the task of endorsing is not an easy task.  That is the reason why, when endorsing a product, I have decided to learn an important lesson from the stars, the high-paid-bigwig-product-endorsers.

This important lesson would be, to endorse in a product that you truly believe in.  A product that you have confidence in, and the surefire way for you as an endorser to harbor that confidence is to use that product yourself, and experience for yourself all the good stuff that the product is claiming.  In that way,  you see with your own eyes too, that the product does not only hold empty promises.  You hit the bull's eye, that is.

Another way, would be seeing how the product is working well as testified by your family members and close friends, and sometimes, even acquaintances in front of the grocery racks where the product is displayed and ready for the taking.

But mine is the surefire way. 

Yes, you read it right, because I use the product myself.  In this case, the Kojie.san soap. 

Who would be a better endorser than one who uses Kojie.san like yours truly.  Let's drink to that again, okey? Now the sound of clinking wineglasses is giving me tinnitus -- but one of the euphoric, ecstatic type.  If ever there is one.  Another milestone right there.  Euphoric tinnitus.  How could ringing of the ears be this ecstatic. Rarely!

Honestly, I have been through a lot of (facial) soaps and toners but nothing has ever lasted and stayed with me longer like Kojie.san.  (I use Kojie.san as a body soap occasionally, but I have definitely chosen to entrust to it the care of my facial skin, a very delicate part of my body. And always, at that! No misses!) Not that this bar of soap grows limbs of its own and runs away from me like an unsatisfied lover.  Of course not.  

So, since I am the one with limbs here, the one with will power (and yes, purchasing power too!) and most importantly, the one with hands with which I could grab a bar of Kojie.san from the racks and dunk it into my cart, let me rephrase my statement above.  I have never stuck so long with another facial soap the way I sticked and stayed with Kojie.san.

This may sound funny and exagerrated but this is true, I have one bar of Kojie.san in each of the places I usually move around in.  There is one in my bathroom, one in my kitchenette, and one in my restroom at the hospital quarters.  Now that does not include the one in my makeshift pantry.  

Forget all your worries about having soaps that damage your skin.  Kojie.san is finally here, the first kojic acid soap to be available in the Philippine market.  Kojie.san is definitely the "it" soap.  It does not contain any harmful chemicals and it only contains 100% natural ingredients with antioxidants to boot, the reason why it feels wonderfully mild yet rejuvenating on my skin. With almost everything going organic these days, that makes Kojie.san way up there in the pedestal of soaps.  It is actually a very helpful beauty aid that comes in an affordable package.  And oh, there's more! A lot of good stuff packed in a box since Kojie.san has a micro-peeling qualities thus making it a potent whitening product.  Truly, it is the bar that sets and raises the bar.

So what now, you ask.  When it comes to your skin care, why is it important to use only the original kojic acid soap, Kojie.san. Of course, you should only use the original kojic acid soap, Kojie.san, because your skin deserves nothing but the best.  Hey, this is your skin we are talking about here, right!? Why would you entrust it to the poor immitations which do not deliver the desired results and are only poorly and recklessly concocted as long as they could rake big bucks out from your pockets.  

Believe me, Kojie.san delivers.  I would not waste my time if it does not.

Experience it for yourself the surefire way, and experience its wonders, like I already have.  I could not forget this one instance when I was asked if I am still a student.  College, at least. Okey, okey, masteral student maybe. I almost choked answering because I am way older than a college student and older than your typical masteral student.  Believe me.  You could only imagine the boost that episode had on my confidence and self-esteem.  From then on, I always own up to my age.  Aside from the fact that age is just a number, I don't look it anyway.  What are you waiting for, grab a bar of Kojie.san, like right now.

But before you run to the nearest store, let's all drink to that!  Cheers! 

Manic Monday

The alarm goes off.  I half-open my eyes. I was lying on my left side, facing the wall which was against my bed.

I let out a soft and subdued "Uuugghh!"  The kind all of us are familiar with each time we remember that it's Monday.  The kind we are all so familiar with specially when we want more time spent under the sheets, half asleep, or pretending to be asleep at least, wishing we set the snooze period longer.

I press the snooze button.  A few minutes of bliss in bed with my pillows.

Then, "Uuugghh!"  

The alarm goes off again.  

Time to really get my ass moving now.  So I turn to the other side before I get up, only to find this baby, propping up from the floor.  As if saying, "Mommy, wake up and get up from bed, your alarm is annoying me!  Who would not let out an endearing, "Aaawwwww!!!"  Have a great week, everyone! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doggy Love

I almost cried a bucket of tears when my Cody, after three long years, finally mastered his first trick -- sit.  Genius! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Tis the season of celebration

My sister saw this stuffed toy in one of the malls outside the country.  A bunch of congratulations and laughter to this year's graduates!  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A doctor's bestfriend

I wonder what you or my colleagues would answer when asked, "As a medical practitioner, what do you consider as your bestfriend?"  As a professional, or as an expert in your field, what do you consider as your bestfriend?

I figure some, probably lawyers, might answer their books or ebooks for that matter.  Probably a gastroenterologist might answer, the scope.  A neurologist might answer, the reflex hammer or a penlight, perhaps.  But for me, I pick the ever dependable stethoscope.  Coffee would come as a close second.

The stethoscope would probably be, for me, what they call in vernacular as "sumpay sa tinae." (Continuous with the intestines.) That vernacular idiom is quoted when one is seen almost always with someone or something, like inseparable bestfriends.  Someone or something that you could not live without, like your smartphone or your favorite gadget.  

For me, as a doctor, it takes the form of a stethoscope.  

If you happen to see me around the hospital, you would never fail to see this baby hooked around my shoulders.  It is almost for me, a body part, or okey, a part of my clothing, that I feel barenaked without it.  Honestly, I do not feel that I am a doctor at all if I don't carry it around with me in the hospital.  

The one above is my third stethoscope in my whole medical career.  Bought my first when I was in second year medical school.  It got lost during internship when I rode in a taxi on my way to another hospital.  Had to order one from a friend who works in Berovan who was kind enough to sell it to me through an affordable installment package for medical students.  The second one was with me for around eight years.  Before my second stethoscope retired, I could not tell whether it was my hearing acuity or it was the stethoscope which was failing.  You see, the stethoscope and I, we were both aging.

Then comes this third one.  I should probably name it "Thirdy."  Thirdy is a gift from my aunt who is based in the United States.  I could not be more thankful and excited about having this dream stethoscope.  In a way, it inspires me more everyday to be the best in what I am destined to do.

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