Monday, November 30, 2015

7 Simple ways by which we can give back to nature

The fact that climate change is a very important issue, specially now that world leaders are meeting up in Paris for the summit for climate change, I think it would be timely to share a few simple ways that we can all do to give back to mother nature.

1.  Lights off. This is in contradiction to what Alma Moreno suggested when she was interviewed by Karen Davila on ANC's Headstart. I admit that I am not able to turn the lights off all the time (because I easily doze off when I lie on my bed, or, yes sometimes I am too lazy to get up from bed once I am on it) but lately I am trying really hard. Aside from this act helping to lighten your electric bill, it helps conserve energy too. It also helps your body maintain its circadian rhythm.

2.  Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth. Just let the water flow when you need to. Don't waste that precious resource by just letting it flow from the taps then straight down the drain. Just think and realize that if we keep on wasting water, it might not flow out from that faucet ever again.

3. Make as much use of papers, newspapers, and magazines, before throwing them away. I don't usually throw papers unless I have used both sides. Cutting used papers into smaller sizes, the size of Post It's, would also be another way of making the most of these materials, in case you need to quickly grab a paper to jot down an important detail or reminder while you are in the phone. You can scribble your to-do-list on these paper cut-outs too. Recently, I made envelopes out of old magazines. I usually keep a stack of small envelopes for coins and bills, when I pay my cleaning lady, give my church offering, and etc. Aside from saving the environment from a lot of trash, this saves me at least 15 bucks. 15 bucks is quite big enough, that's a roundtrip jeepney ride already here in Cebu City. Fifteen bucks is quite big enought,  you don't earn as much as 15 bucks in one time in an average savings account (it will take you at least a year to earn that in an ordinary savings account, provided also you deposit hundreds of thousands into the bank, thus an emphasis on average) and most of all, nobody would give you that amount in one time, even when you go begging on the streets.

These are the envelopes I made out of old magazines. I used the rightmost envelope as pattern.

4. Go paperless. From making use of excess paper to no paper at all. Since my job entails me to travel, I usually check-in online a two or three days before my flight. I then save a soft copy or a photo of my boarding pass on my phone after checking in online. When I arrive at the airport, I just show the photo to the security officer who then allows me to put my bags on the conveyor belt of the x-ray machine. When I get to the check-in counter, I just hand in a valid ID and I tell the in-charge that I have already checked online. I am then given my boarding pass, the size of a grocery receipt, then I am good to go. I have been doing this for around two years already. This may not be entirely paperless but when you come to think of it, when you print the boarding pass yourself, yiu use at least two bondpapers. Thats already around 20 boarding passes printed at the airport check-in counter.
     Most merchants also offer e-bills these days. Grab their offer. You have nothing to lose. E-bills save a lot of trees and would save you a lot of clutter too. I receive e-statements for my post-paid phone bill. That way I can access my bill online anytime, and not cringe and hate myself each time I forget my to bring my phone bill.

5.  Pull the plug. Of course, I don't mean euthanasia. Of course not that, not in a million lifetimes. What I mean is, each time you leave the house,  try to unplug everything that you can. (An exception to this would be the refrigerator which needs to be plugged in all the time.) Aside from conserving energy, records show that unplugging saves you at least15% from your electric bill. I have noticed quite a slash in my electric bill since I have practiced unplugging each time I leave my place.

6. Recycle paper bags and plastic cellophanes. I guess this is self-explanatory. Make the most of the lifespan of these stuff. Use them until they are near-rotten and can't hold nothing no more.

7. Buy products that support environmental organizations. I was pleased to find out that my favorite tissue roll supports an environmental organization, particularly, the Haribon Foundation. I will continue to patronize products that give back to the environment.

I know these are simple tips, and there are a lot more tips out there, and  maybe you have heard these tips before. I, too, have heard of them before but I admit I need a lot of reminding. At least we all can start from here until all these will become our way of life. Until giving back to nature will be our way of life. After all, this is the only Mother Earth we got. Need I say more?

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