Monday, April 27, 2020

8 Ways to take care of our mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

          During this era of the COVID Pandemic, it would be easy to overlook our mental health which is essential in order for us to hurdle this unprecendented situation. In this video, I share to you ways on how to take good care of our mental health. Click the link here.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Reflections 101: Easter Sunday in Not-So-Ordinary Time

          This Easter Sunday will always be memorable to me.

           Not only because I spent it here in the hospital - I have spent many Easter Sundays at work, with colleagues who are also far from their families and loved ones. There may be a twist to this scenario today though. Some of my colleagues are unsure about when they would finally have the chance to go home to their families due to the prevailing community quarantine.

           Not only because we were served good and really delicious food today by the hospital kitchen. Food donations from anonymous donors also arrived just in time for lunch. In behalf of my colleagues, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our full hearts (and stomachs). 

          Free and delicious food never fails to make hospital workers happy. That is one surefire tip I can give to anyone who is planning to impress someone from the medical profession. Free and delicious food ranks first, and a luxurious sleep after a satisfying body massage would come as a close second. In our present scenario, I believe, an adequate supply of face masks, face shields, PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment, and isopropyl alcohol would come as a surprising fastbreaking third on the list. 

          I guess it is pretty obvious why this Easter Sunday would be a memorable one not only for me but for all of us. This year’s Easter Sunday happened to fall on this  distasteful and unprecedented not-so-ordinary time. 

          Easter Sunday for me always ignited thoughts of celebration because it symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over death. When I was a child, I always looked forward to that one Sunday in a year when we would go Easter Egg hunting in the church grounds. Those were happy memories for me specially when I would finally find an egg. 

          Now that I am older, Easter Sunday took on a new meaning for me. The Resurrection of Christ is the basis of our Christian Faith and it stands as proof that Jesus Christ is God. A God with a pervading presence that transcends the realms that is beyond this earth, and even beyond human understanding. 

          But how can we celebrate when we are beset with utmost grief and sadness? When our psyches are dominated with fears and worries? How can we celebrate when we ourselves are not our normal selves and are not allowed to be the social creatures that we are?

           It’s like wanting to scream for joy but you can’t be loud, you can’t even utter a word or even smile. It feels like your mouth is stuffed full with cloth until you choke. You can’t even stand and jump in exhilaration and throw your hands into the air out of glee because your entire body is tied to a chair or maybe, to a tree. Disgustingly excruciating.

          Inspite of this depressing circumstance that we are finding ourselves in today, I still wish that we will never cease hoping that deliverance from this trial is on its way.

          Today may be unrelentlessly marked by 50 deaths in our country due to COVID-19 (the Department of Health just released its update), but may we always remember that every Good Friday comes with an Easter Sunday. Just as the death of Christ was followed by His Resurrection, we will soon rise up from the ashes brought about by this dreaded disease which has claimed numerous lives, not only by bringing about death but by putting all our lives (and even the global economy) on a standstill.

          Just as no empty tomb held Jesus Christ for a long time, we shall not be held bondage for so long by the tombs created by our worries, our fears, our problems, and by any catastrophic event in our lives. We will all get through this, not only through concerted human efforts but most of all thru God’s will and power, and of course, thru His love. 

          I pray for strength, endurance, resiliency, and unwavering hope for all of us, and these I wish most of all to those who feel unimportant and forgotten through all this this chaos. Do remember, that we are all loved. The reason for this Easter celebration is both a resonating truth and living proof of that love. 

8 Ways to take care of our mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

          During this era of the COVID Pandemic, it would be easy to overlook our mental health which is essential in order for us to h...